Alfawise V9S Smart Vacuum cleaner Review

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential weapon in today’s fast and competitive life. Every house is busy with their daily business and they left with little to no time for home cleaning and sweeping. Accordingly, Alfawise has come with an innovative solution in the form of the Alfawise V9S BL517 robot vacuum cleaner.

The Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a multi-sensor technology that incorporates high-end cleaning and sweeping functions. After their previous product V8S Pro, Alfawise now introduces V9S BL517 with additional features and smartness.

The vacuum cleaners are the need of every household. Because of our busy life schedule, we have no time to clean our houses. Hence, we take the help of electronic devices to make the process easy and fast.

Accordingly, the smart robotic vacuum cleaners are manufactured with the intention to facilitate users with superfast cleaning services. They aim to save time and energy while delivering exceptional cleaning work at the same time.

Similarly, the V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a powerful suction system and PSD positioning sensor. It allows the machine to work accurately and creates good results with gyroscope technology.

Further, the White-coloured vacuum cleaner involves SLAM and LDS sensors. It enables the cleaner to see around 10 times per second to draw an accurate map of your home. The gyroscope sensor helps it to reach out to every corner of the house with no area unclean.

The Alfawise V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner works on the triple-mode concept – Standard Mode, Powerful Mode, and Silent Mode. Furthermore, the powerful 1500PA suction motor will ensure overall cleaning with long side brushes.

Combining all, the Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great machine to meet your home cleaning needs in a smart way.

Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Features and Specifications

In this segment, we will go through a feature-wise review of the V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner. The company has launched it with plenty of specifications and we will explore them to know their usability and worthiness.

The aim here is to distinguish its features, plus points and drawbacks. It will help the readers to take the purchasing decision for the V9S BL517 vacuum cleaner.

Design and Colour

First of all, the design of the vacuum cleaner is standard and very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Robot. But they have some difference with the arrangements of the control button and the colour of sides.

Alfawise V9S

The body of the Alfawise V9S BL517 is made of an ABS plastic. Therefore, it creates an elegant design with a stunning outlook and surface. The body of the cleaner is round-shaped in White matt, also describes black and orange details.

On top of the machine, there is a small round ledge. In fact, it is a laser distance sensor to measure the distance from the walls, furniture etc. Next are a small indicator light and a button to start the proceedings.

Further, we will see the Alfawise company logo, as well as the sensors and radar on the front side. It prevents the cleaner to strike against walls or fell from the stairs. Similarly, on the left side, you will get power on/off button.

When it comes to the size and weight of the vacuum cleaner, its physique measures at 32.50×32.50×9.60 cm and weighs at 4.8 kg. Correspondingly, the small height allows the V9S BL517 to keep the working process under the furniture and provide overall cleaning solutions.

LDS Sensor and SLAM Technology

The Alfawise V9S BL517 Robot Vacuum Cleaner covers an LDS sensor and SLAM technology to make it an efficient machine for all-around performance. The device is located in the form of the round ledge on the top panel.

The LDS+SLAM work to see around at 10 times per second. Further, the vacuum cleaner is able to draft a precise map and bear it in mind. The complicated surroundings will not affect its functionality.

Alfawise V9S

It will scan the 360-degree area and generates a map with Allwinner R16 chip. It further facilities the V9S BL517 to go through each and every corner of your home and leaves no unclean area.

Alfawise V9S Gyroscope Technology

The gyroscope feature further adds value to the results by the Alfawise V9S BL517. How it works can be an exciting thing to know.

The vacuum cleaner autonomously creates the best route in the zigzag format based on real-time mapping and scanning. Hence, it follows the directions and keeps on cleaning the areas under it.

Alfawise V9S

Likewise, the V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner has a navigation system to give it the right directions to the working area. Overall, the gyroscope is a tremendous approach of the vacuum cleaner, which makes it the king of the niche.

Multiple Control Options

With the Alfawise V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner, the users will have access to multiple control options. This makes the device smart as you are free to use the machine with various modes.

The V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner supports smart app to direct the machine form the couch. Through it, you can set the cleaning time, working time, drag the area of cleaning etc. It will follow your guidelines and gives accurate cleaning process.

Alfawise V9S

Similarly, the vacuum cleaner also supports voice control options with Alexa and Google Home. You just need to say your words and it will accept your orders.

The third alternative is the remote control device to direct the functionality.

Hence, it will give you the hand-free cleaning approach to make it convenient and smooth.

Alfawise V9S 2-in-1 Water Tank

Further, the V9S BL517 remote Vacuum Cleaner offers extensive cleaning and mopping facilities. It will mop the floor along with the sweeping process.

It contains 2-in-1 water tank design with 220 ml water tank and 230 ml dustbin tank. The electrical structure can control precise water flow for an even weeping to avoid leakage after the working.

Alfawise V9S

The patented smart water tank will control dripping more precisely and avoid damaging the floor when it is on standby or charging.


It could be the most useful feature of the V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner. The cleaner will go to the charging base when it gets the low battery indication or the work is finished.

The self-charging technology will leave you free of putting the machine on the charging spot. Once, you switch the power button on it will automatically take the way to the charger after finishing the cleaning work.

This feature is pretty useful when you are away from home. It allows you to deal with your daily chores without worrying about the vacuum cleaner.

Multiple Smart Cleaning Modes

The Alfawise delivers various cleaning modes with the V9S BL517 vacuum cleaner. The three basic working modes are: Standard Mode, Powerful Mode, and Silent Mode.

The standard mode is best for living room or kitchen etc. where the floor is smooth and the machine can work nicely in the standard mode.

Alfawise V9S

Further, under the powerful mode, you can use the cleaner to clean carpets etc. It takes little hard to clean the carpets and correspondingly requires more power comparatively.

Similarly, when you need to clean your restroom or bedroom, you can switch to the silent mode. Under it, the vacuum cleaner will work silently with no noise at all. It will not disturb you while you are taking rest or sleeping. The maximum noise range is 65 DB.

Alfawise V9S Battery

The power storage capacity of an electronic device is the most crucial feature. In case of the Alfawise V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner, you will get a 2600 mAh battery, which is rather low as compared to the Xiaomi Mi robot’s 5200 mAh.

Therefore, it is the weak point of this vacuum cleaner as you can go for the higher power storage capacity of Xiaomi Mi in the same price range.

Alfawise V9S

Further, the Alfawise V9S BL517 takes 4 hours to get the full battery and then work for around 100-120 minutes on a single charge.

Additional Features

Additionally, the Alfawise V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner has side brushes, HEPA, Moping Pad, dual-dustbin Water Tank etc.

Further, it has dual-functionality – sweeping and mopping at the same time with schedule work facility.

The vacuum cleaner can climb up to the 27-degree slope and cleans the areas over 150 square meters.

The V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner is best to clean carpet, ceramic tiles, shag carpet, wood floor, tile floor etc.

The 1500PA suction power is quite low against 1800PA of Xiaomi Mi robot with the same price.

The vacuum cleaner uses the 25W power with 14.4-voltage. The input voltage is 100-240 AC and the output current is 24V DC.

Further, the Alfawise V9S BL517 has multiple sensor technologies to help users with advanced cleaning processes. You can save your precious time with the ultra-fast cleaning modes. It will collect invisible dust particles and pet hair very precisely and provides a super clean floor all the way.


The price of the Alfawise V9S BL517 Vacuum Cleaner is set at $259.99 on the Gearbest online store. You can go with the link given below to buy the cleaner now:

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