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Amazfit ZenBuds Review: For Those Who Need White Noise To Fall Asle

According to the 2018 National Sleep Data Report, from 2013 to 2018, the average sleep time per capita in China has dropped from 8.8 hours to 6.5 hours. On average, 38.2% of Chinese people have sleep problems, which is higher than the global average of 11.2%. ‘Insomnia’ seems to have become a major problem that plagues people in our country. Especially for office workers living in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a good night’s sleep is simply a luxury.

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The reason is that from nine to six are working hours, but occasionally most people work overtime and all night long. Then, they go to a bar on weekends to have fun… Our biological clock fluctuates in these irregular lives. Therefore, even if you occasionally lie in bed early one day, you cannot fall asleep even if you close your eyes. There are actually many ways to improve sleep. There are chemical drugs such as sleeping pills and melatonin, and physical products such as earplugs and white noise generators. The Amazfit ZenBuds is a product that combines the two.

White noise means that the power spectral density of frequency components in a sound is uniform throughout the audible range (20~20000Hz), for example, rain, tides, cicadas, waves, etc. This kind of sound can play a certain sound healing effect for people of all ages. It is a “harmonious” healing sound, and it can also help sleep.

Amazfit ZenBuds Appearance

The design of the Amazfit ZenBuds is very simple. The earphone box is like a box of compact powder in your hand. The difference is that it feels even lighter than pressed powder. The charging box adopts a skin-friendly matte texture. And there is a non-slip strip underneath, which will give you a delicate feeling in your hand. The lid of the charging box is opened and closed by rotating. So it can be opened or closed with one hand. Here is a thumbs up.

Amazfit ZenBuds

After opening the cover, there are two small earphone bodies lying quietly inside. They are placed in the charging case by magnetic attraction.

The weight of a single Amazfit ZenBuds earbud is only 1.78g. This weight really kills all wireless headphones on the market. And the silicone material is also very good to wear. The only minor problem is that if you put the earplugs too tightly, it may take a bit of effort to remove them. It should be noted that the Amazfit ZenBuds does not support active noise reduction. So if you want to get a better noise shielding effect, you may need to adjust the angle and fit every time you wear it.

Amazfit ZenBuds

Since the weight of the earplugs is very small and they are made of soft silicone material, they have a good wearing feeling. But if you need better noise shielding, you will inevitably have some pressure on the ear canal. The upper part of the earplug adopts a ‘U’-shaped support design, which can be well stuck in the auricle position.

Functions and experience

Before discussing the functionality of the Amazfit ZenBuds, you should know that these earphones do not support music playback. Those who want to use it as a Bluetooth headset can go out and choose Apple or Sony. ZenBuds focuses on the following functions: sleep monitoring, personal alarm clock, noise and white noise. We have already mentioned some noise and sound insulation. Since the earplug does not support active noise reduction, the sound insulation effect basically depends on the fit between the earplug and the ear canal.

For those who have trouble falling asleep, if you don’t want to take melatonin-like sleep aids, you can actually try white noise. In fact, white noise machines have been very popular in many countries many years ago. But if you are on a business trip or stay in a hotel, you cannot carry it with you. At this time, the Amazfit ZenBuds can come in handy.

Amazfit ZenBuds

App Control Of Amazfit ZenBuds

After pairing with the official app, you can see that it provides two options of ‘rest’ and ‘focus’. Below, we can find many kinds of white noise such as: meditation, pink noise, seabirds, rain, rain falling on the eaves, etc. The official music library also provides many kinds of white noise, which can be downloaded and transferred to the earplugs. The download speed will be a little slow. There is a small complaint. When the Amazfit ZenBuds is playing white noise, it is impossible to adjust the volume through the volume button of the smartphone. You need to enter the app to adjust the volume manually.

As a sleep earplug, the purpose of the Amazfit ZenBuds is very clear, that is, on the basis of providing white noise to help sleep, monitor the user’s sleeping posture, sleep quality, record sleep state and stage, and generate sleep analysis reports to help users improve sleep quality, develop good sleep habits.

If you need absolute quietness to fall asleep, then this 999-yuan product may not be very worthwhile. First, it is not a traditional headphone product, and it cannot play any audio content other than white noise and official soothing music. Second, it does not support active noise reduction. And the passive noise reduction effect is not as good as a dozen 3M earplugs. In terms of the battery life, the Amazfit ZenBuds can provide 12 hours of sleep battery life. With the charging storage box, it can provide additional 7 hours of battery life.

Final Words

The target user group of the Amazfit ZenBuds is very clear. It is suitable for those people who travel frequently, have difficulty falling asleep, need white noise to help sleep, and have a sufficient budget. For 999 yuan, you can buy a white noise machine that you can take with you + comfortable earplugs + sleep analysis service. Simply connect to your smartphone, and you can always enjoy your personal ‘meditation’ time.

And for those users who don’t have enough budget, just want a quiet environment, and have low comfort requirements, there are many good noise-cancelling headphones on the market for 999 yuan to choose from.

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