Original CIGA Design T Series Transparent Mechanical Watch Review

It is like a boom in the smartwatch industry with a launch-after-launch out there. A few days back, the Chinese technology player Xiaomi introduced its next edition of the conventional mechanical watch with a full transparent body. It is the Original CIGA Design T Series Mechanical Watch with SEAGULLS movement and without fitness tracking features.

Xiaomi is well-known for intervening market segments by introducing products away from the niche. Correspondingly, the T series mechanical watch is the next addition in the portfolio to find customers in the new area.

XIAOMI Original CIGA T seriesXIAOMI Original CIGA T series

With a post on official Weibo account, the company announced that the Original CIGA Design Mechanical Watch would come with dual-colour straps – Black and Red. Moreover, the round-shaped dial will be fully transparent to see across it.

Earlier, we had a square dial mechanical watch under the tag of Xiaomi Youpin. That was very similar to the round shape version leaving slight differences in the design and price.

The latest CIGA Mechanical Watch hosts an integrated technology to design the machine without using a single screw. Further, it is made of PVD tough steel coating along with TR90 texture to ensure no-discolouration by the time.

XIAOMI Original CIGA T series

The creators of the watch have won several Reddot Design Awards including 12 International Design Awards, 2 German IF Design Awards, and 8 German Reddot Awards.

Overall, the Original CIGA Mechanical Watch looks pretty good with the lightweight and fine approach. Users can go for it if they like transparent, beauty, and delicate design in the single pack.

Original CIGA design T Series Mechanical Watch Review: Features and Specifications

Well, today, we are here to dive through the detailed features and specifications of the CIGA Mechanical Watch. The watch is the part of Xiaomi eco-system and brings surety to serve you for quite enough time.

In this review, we will quest for the technical features the company is offering to the fan-base. As numerous wearable products are out there and it becomes a challenge to pick the right one.

Conformably, we make a little effort to present the pros and cons of the watch before you. So, let’s start with the job.

Design and Physique

As we can see, the Original CIGA design T Series Mechanical Watch is a blend of robust stuff and gorgeous design. Externally, it looks like a factory machine with visible and integrated equipment working for a common goal.

The body is fully transparent as one can see across it easily. Moreover, it includes an interpretation of artistic aesthetics with smooth curvature and exquisite hollow pointer. On the side, there is a pineapple texture crown to adjust the time easily.

On prima facia, it seems to use integrated technology to bind up the whole mechanism without a single screw. The dial diameter and the width of the band are 44mm and 20mm respectively.

Inside, the SEAGULL Automatic mechanical movement is integrated with 14 times hand burnishing and 4 times CNC finish. The watch uses a TR90 Hyperthermal Integrated Forming technology to make it hard wear-resisting and scratch-free.

Alongside, the strap of the CIGA Mechanical Watch comes I dual-colour options – Red and Black. It uses Silicone material to be comfortable with the original 15 holes design. Further, it ensures perfect perspiration and air ventilation to be an ally for all situations.

On physical measurement, we find the Original CIGA Watch with 13mm of watch thickness along with 39g of overall weight.

Waterproof Rating

Well, Xiaomi smart bands and smartwatches come with waterproof technology with an average to high-level water-resistant rating.

Same we can expect in the Original T Series Mechanical Watch but not as promising as we need. The manufacturer has poured it with the 3ATM waterproof rating to face little liquid challenges in life.

The 3ATM rating is not as high to use the watch while swimming, bathing etc. Keep yourself away from flushing it and bubble water usage. It can’t face heavy rains as well, so you need to be careful in this regard.

However, you can use the Original Mechanical Watch while enjoying outdoor sports activities or light raindrops. Sweat can’t damage the watch machine and it also lets you enjoy light rain showers.

Overall, water protection is not as promising as we need, but you can expect a good protection against sweat and light rain. It is pretty better than those with zero water tolerance.


Being the central attraction of the watch, the display is impeccable and looks gorgeous with a transparent approach. Further, the circular display has nothing to show except the two beautiful hollow pointers for an easy time watching.

The round-shaped 44mm-diameter dial surrounds the display surface. Throughout the middle, there is a transparent shell visible clearly.

Around the inside circle, there are little dots pointing the seconds and numbers 1 to 12. Moreover, the working machinery is clearly visible through the transparent display. The 3600 transparency technology generates harmony between scale and movement.

Integrated Mechanism

Xiaomi has demonstrated the real show of integrative technology by binding up the equipment without using even a single screw.

The Original Ciga T series displays the whole mechanism openly working amazingly. You can see how the machine parts are moving altogether to give you the right time.

In the machine, about 94 parts working on the suspended movement. This is the concise and gorgeous platform to leave you with an open mouth at prima facie.

XIAOMI Original CIGA T series

Furthermore, the watch embraces a PVD tough steel coating to run for a long time. Concluding all, it creates a fully transparent case by mixing up the fashion and technology.


To wear, the Ciga T series has two straps on both sides. The straps are made of Silicone material to ensure comfortable and pleasant wearing.

Further, colour choices also remain with the straps. Because the rest of the body is transparent, so you can opt belt of your favourite colour among Black and Red.

To adjust the watch on the wrist with a confirmed grip, there are 15 holes on the straps to use. You can shift between them according to your wrist size. Moreover, the straps support perspiration and ventilation of air so that you feel comfortable in all weathers.

Ciga T series

On end, there is a needle buckle to finish the tie-up process. Select the comfortable hole and pass the needle through it. That’s all in wearing.


Concluding all the headings, we can say that the Ciga T series is a good wristwatch for all genders and age groups. The tough material is used along with beautiful design to make it wearable on all occasions.

Dual-colour options, sturdy body, elegant design are some features on the positive side. Similarly, poor water-resistant approach, non-availability of fitness tracking and connectivity features etc. are among the negative remarks about the watch.

Here the needs and choice of the users appear to be the deciding factor. The watch can be a great option who don’t bother about the smart specifications and needs only gorgeous design. On the other hand, CIGA design Mechanical Watch can’t be a great choice for those who travel a lot and often face rains or water.

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