Dibea D008 pro Review: A strong power Vaccum Cleaner

Dibea is best for their products. This company makes all types of vacuum cleaners for cleaning. You have no worries for customer complain forever. Dibea offers ODM and OEM service to help make your ideas come true. Dibea has strong R&D ability and production ability. The company can always offer you quality stable products. The vacuum cleaner is the leading brand for household cleaning. Now for clean your surroundings Dibea launch a new product is Dibea D008 pro.

This company has got many certificates and prize for the quality of products. Dibea company manufacturing and selling all kinds of vacuum cleaner over the past nearly 10 years. At everywhere for easy cleaning people need a vacuum cleaner. Dibea makes D008 pro with high technology and makes more smarts than the previous version. Dibea has successfully developed intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, mattress mites collectors, cordless stick vacuum cleaners and hundreds of high technology appliances by providing thousands of customers with quality and green life.

Dibea D008 pro Feature and function – 

Diana is a smart home product and gives a good cleaning to your house floor, sofa, bed, and curtain. This vacuum cleaner is two in one product it uses handheld and vertical. This vacuum cleaner is a cordless design. All cleaning type of brushes will be fit in this cleaner. Two optional modes are available in this product. For cleaning to your floor, there is roller floor brush. Multistage cyclone separation system is also ready for use.

Battery :

The battery of this product is heavy-duty. D008 pro battery built-in 2200mAH is very strong power. Charging time of this D008 vacuum cleaner is 4-5 hours and gives 15 minutes for working and the maximum mode is 30 minutes for working. 30 minutes working time is a standard mode.

Dibea D008 pro Package :

In the package of dibea D008 vacuum cleaner is one main machine for working as cleaning. To handle the vacuum cleaner this provides one piece of long handle and for charging gives you one charger. With the long handle, you easily hold and do working in a standing position.

This provides you with one aluminum tube and for shining to the floor gives you roller brush. With the roller brush, this package provides you with one small electric brush. This gives you one piece of square brush for cleaning the wall floor line and one soft feather brush for cleaning curtain, sofa and bed sheets. Dibea D008 pro vacuum cleaner gives you 1 x extension tube and 1 x rack. And also provides you with one wall screw/sticker.

Dibea D008 has multistage cyclone separating system. This product filters the dust and after the filter, dust goes in the dust bucket. After cleaning wash the filter dust bucket with the cotton which cotton provides you with the D008 vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has a large capacity dust bucket. There is a power indicator light bar. Dibea D0080 pro vacuum cleaner has multiple accessories and applications. Applications are drives the vacuum cleaner.

Specification –     

Floor brush material is ABS and extension tube material aluminum. Aluminum gives beautiful look to your vacuum cleaner. The rated power is 200W and the rated voltage is 22.2V. The battery is also long-lasting. D008 vacuum cleaner dust tank capacity is 550ml. At the maximum mode, the suction is 9000Pa and the standard mode of suction is 17000Pa. When this cleaner works do not noise and the noise volume is 75dB. Extension tube length is 615mm.

The motor of this vacuum cleaner is long lasting and the motor is brushless. Working time motor works at a speed of 80000rpm and the applicable area 120 square meters. The product weight is 2.3000 kg and package weight is 4.5000 kg. The product size is (L x W x H) 104.00 x 24.00 x 21.10 cm / 40.94 x 9.45 x 8.31 inches and package size is (L x W x H) 69.00 x 22.00 x 15.50 cm / 27.17 x 8.66 x 6.1 inches.

Dibea D008 pro Design –   

Dibea D008 pro is very power able product and more efficient and fast. This vacuum cleaner is very light in weight you do not feel tired when you use it. It uses 270 degrees free rotation mode, for all kinds of dead angle cleaning and it can be easily disassembled cleaning and mite removal in place in one step. D008 vacuum cleaner removing mites on sofas, bed sheets etc, while cleaning the house.

The wheel of this product is silent during work. Wheels easily overcome rough ground obstacles and adapt to the different home environment. Other vacuum cleaner has suction power good but does not work with at the maximum time so consumer thinks any vacuum does not work with these both abilities, but D008 pro works with both suction and also at the maximum time. It is the best product for you and Dibea D008 pro is a wireless vacuum cleaner.

Dibea D008 motor also consumes energy during work. It is intimated that the machine is equipped with high grade and low-grade power, which is more energy saving according to the actual situation. Also, this vacuum cleaner saving your time and energy.

Dibea D008 pro Review –    

This vacuum cleaner is more powerful than others. Dibea D008 pro easily adjusts under the bed, stairs etc. This product covers very few places. You can easily travel with D008 pro cleaner from one to another place. It gives good look to your home. This vacuum cleaner also uses in office.

Where to buy

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