Goldsmith S1 Review

The recent epidemic showed that we should be flexible enough in every situation to survive such times as lockdowns. In addition, people are usually living a life of nine to five every day, and after a long working day, there is no time and energy to do anything else. It eventually leads to a decrease in physical activity, which in turn leads to non-productiveness and tiredness for a whole day. So, what’s the most time-saving and effective exercise type? Perhaps, one of the most relevant solutions is treadmills. You can have a treadmill in your place, and so save time by not going to the gym and at the same time, workout at the most convenient place. As a smart fitness software and hardware company “Goldsmith Technology”, integrating R&D, production, and sales, has launched a “walking machine” called the Goldsmith S1, in order to meet the requirements of such users. Thus, read forward to dive into the features of this walking pad and understand is it actually worth buying?

The worst thing of the walking pads is generally the large size, occupying quite a large area in a home, and also the noise. So when choosing a walking pad, focus on the size and the noise-reducing function. The Goldsmith S1 is not only small in size but it’s also foldable. On the other hand, it can also achieve a  similar exercise mode to a treadmill, so that you can exercise at home easily. 


After opening the packaging you can immediately see that the Goldsmith S1 walking machine is already folded in the box. It is very compact and according to the size, you can easily store it. You can put it under the sofa, under the bed, or anywhere else, and it will take almost no space in your home. Thus, compared to the other treadmills, this walking pad is much more convenient. 

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Further, let’s have a look at the LED LCD panel on the top. It adopts cross-industry advanced manufacturing technology. Whether it is night or day, it can provide high-contrast visual effects and clear motion data during normal running. In terms of display, there are two options that you can choose from according to your needs – constant speed mode and automatic mode. Moreover, the display also shows information such as time, speed, distance, energy consumption, number of steps, etc.

Goldsmith S1

In the middle of the Goldsmith S1, you can see a walking board made of high-density fiberboard. The surface has a smooth and soft cushioning layer, which is like a plastic track. It is also worth mentioning that the foot-feel is comfortable and what’s more important you can walk on it without frustration. 

Goldsmith S1

The most surprising fact about the Goldsmith S1 is its innovation. Innovation results include changes from IML to zero sprayings, from metal coating to SMC, from splicing process to integrated molding. Overall, its design gives us a refreshing feeling of innovation. 

Goldsmith S1

The walking pad is 1445*517*122mm in size after unfolding. As we have mentioned above, it takes up little space. More specifically, 0.747m² is enough. In addition, the accessories include power cords, lubricants, remote controls, and hexagonal wrenches, which are convenient for maintenance.  

Goldsmith S1

You can also find the power switch button at the bottom of the walking pad. You can plug in the power and use it only through the matching wire. 

Goldsmith S1

Pressure sensor panel

On the Goldsmith Walking Pad S1, you can find several smart features. One of them is the pressure sensor panel under the walking belt. It can bear a weight of 100kg, and can accurately measure the user’s position change, identify it through different areas, and perform corresponding acceleration, average speed, deceleration changes, etc. The pressure sensor panel allows you to truly release your hands, and control the speed at the same time without using any auxiliary tools, and make the walking movements freer.

Goldsmith S1


At the bottom of the fuselage, there are eight supporting feet. The latter plays a huge role in shock absorption and anti-slip. There are also two rollers on the top of the bottom. The main function is to provide convenience for the movement, especially for females. In general, it can be difficult to carry the walking pad, but with the rollers, it will be much better and easier, so that even females can carry it without difficulties. Just pick up one side and you can easily push it away.

Goldsmith S1

It is also worth mentioning that the Goldsmith walking machine S1 has a built-in brand new brushless motor. It not only has a strong ability to suppress noise but also improves the weight-bearing capacity of the walking machine. Regarding the noise, the official stated that it is about 60 decibels. Thus, even if you walk at home at night, you are not worried about disturbing people.

Goldsmith S1 Goldsmith S1

For daily control, you can use remote control, with four-button options, namely acceleration and deceleration, function keys, and mode switching. It is extremely simple to use. Even when your eyes are closed you don’t have to worry about pressing it by mistake. As for the power supply, there is a button battery. You can also control it by APP, so, in this case, there is no need to worry about the problem of being unable to use the machine because of the lack of battery.

App client

First of all, you need to search and download “KS Fit” to connect. Further, select the exercise mode and control speed on the app. In addition to selecting the exercise mode and control speed on the app, it can simultaneously display the current exercise data and record it directly, so that you can follow up to check and understand the exercise data status of this week and month. Of course, you can also share it on major social platforms to record every exercise. On the other hand, the app also has a place with a lot of customized courses. You can set the time and method according to your personal circumstances so that you can have more scientific guidance in sports.

Automatic mode

In this mode, we will adjust the speed of the walking machine at will. In the automatic mode, it will be automatically divided into three sections, namely the acceleration zone, the average speed zone, and the deceleration zone. When we walk in the front area, we will start to accelerate, and if we feel that the speed is good, we can directly move the middle section to achieve an average speed. If you are tired and want to slow down or stop, you just need to go back to the deceleration zone and it will automatically slow down and stop. The walking control is very comfortable and easy to use. 

Constant speed mode

The constant speed mode is mainly suitable for beginners to use. The default speed after startup is 3km/h, which is the same speed as usual walking. If you feel that it is not fast enough, you can accelerate through the remote control. Each time you press the accelerator button, the speed will increase by 0.5km/h, and you can adjust it to a maximum of 6km/h. 


To sum up, here are the main things worth mentioning about the Goldsmith S1

  • Foldability
  • Walking mode with two-mode options
  • Noise-reducing function

The advantages include: 

  1. As a walking machine, it solves the shortcomings of traditional treadmills and no longer has to make room as before. This compact folding design lets us put the walking pad under the sofa or under the bed.
  2. Goldsmith walking machine S1 also provides a variety of options in exercise mode. You can choose the right speed according to your needs, and you can exercise easily at home, which is very suitable for increasing exercise after a meal.


  1. As there is no handrail, there is a certain limit on the running speed. 

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