Huami Amazfit GTR Review: A smartwatch with 74 days battery life

The smartwatch market has teamed with numerous manufacturers claiming to be the best in the industry. The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is no doubt on the driving seat with a relevant product portfolio in various market segments. In the line, now it has come up with the Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch embedding some additional unique features than previous models.

The smartwatch market consumes hundreds of launches every month. We can get a smartwatch or Smartband of varied sizes, designs, colours and of course, applications. The slew got another addition when Xiaomi introduced its latest smartwatch in mid-July under its sub-brand Huami.

Huami amazfit gtr

Furthermore, the wearable products have also become a fashion of the age. People need a perfect choice to deal with their personality. Knowing the fact, Xiaomi works brilliantly on its latest Amazfit series to cater to user’s specific needs.

In this review article, today, we will scrutinize various features and specifications of the Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch.

Being the top-rated smartwatch brand since inception, Xiaomi put on the best techniques as IP68 water-resistant, round-shaped dial including 1.39-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth 5.0, HR monitor, sleep monitor, 16MB/64MB storage, stopwatch, weather forecast, 410 mAh battery and aluminum alloy body.

The company introduced the Amazfit GTR in dual-version – 42mm and 47mm. So, to be more familiar, let’s dive into the detailed Huami Amazfit GTR review.

Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Review: Full Specifications in Detail

Build and Design

Let’s takeoff from the design and physical appearance of the GTR smartwatch. Externally, the watch carries an elegant outlook and glossy design with a full metal body. It takes the idea of Amazfit Smartwatch 2 in the hardware section.

Huami amazfit gtr

Simply, the company offers dual-size options with the Amazfit GTR. You can choose any of the 42mm and the 47mm size. Rest of the features revolve around the selection.

Both of the Amazfit 42mm and 47mm versions further come in three metal choices – Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, and Titanium.

Further, the 42mm and 47mm version have three colour choices like Silver, Black, Grey and Black, Pink, and Red respectively.

On the front, the Amazfit GTR smartwatch hosts 1.2-inch and 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen for 42mm and 47mm respectively. Along with, it has two side buttons to use for different purposes. Straps are made of Silicone and leather depending upon the model you select.

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Physically, the band width and dial thickness of the 42mm version is 20mm and 9.2mm, and 47mm is 22mm and 10.75mm. The physique of both the 42mm and 47mm editions measures at 42.6 x 42.6 x 9.2 mm and 47.2 x 47.2 x 10.75 mm respectively.

Similarly, the 42mm weighs 25.5g and 47mm weighs Aluminum alloy 36g, stainless steel 48g, and titanium 40g.


Moving to the display section, here we also find a little difference between the screen sizes of the two Amazfit GTR smartwatch versions.

The 42mm edition installs a 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen against a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen that of 47mm edition. Hence, the 47mm carries a bigger display for bigger hands but both screens are protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 version and AF Coating Film.

Huami amazfit gtr

In addition, Also, the screen resolutions also depend on size. The Amazfit GTR 42mm smartwatch provides 390×390 pixels resolution, whereas the Amazfit GTR 47mm smartwatch is better at the clarity with 454×454 pixels screen resolution.


On the powerhouse, you will get significant battery backup with both of the choices. The company installs a 195 mAh and a 410 mAh Li-Po batteries in 42mm and 47mm Amazfit GTR versions.

Huami amazfit gtr

Furthermore, users are ready to enjoy long-lasting battery life obviously with the bigger battery version. The 42mm version will serve you for 12 days on daily use mode, 34 days on basic watch mode, and 22 hours on continuous GPS usage.

On the other hand, the 47mm edition will work for 24 days, 74 days, and 40 hours on daily use mode, basic watch mode, and GPS usage respectively.

Huami amazfit gtr

The battery charging time is around 2 hours for both of the watches.

Multiple Sensors

Well, this is the basic idea which the company has intended for. To be in the forefront, the Amazfit GTR smartwatch takes numerous smart sensors for indoor and outdoor activities.

Huami amazfit gtr

In the pack, the Amazfit GTR includes a GPS, GLONASS, Heart-rate monitor, Sleep monitor, NFC for mobile payment, Bio Tracker, PPG biological tracking, pulse measurement, step count, compass, 6-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, barometer, capacitive, and ambient brightness sensor as well.

Concluding all, the Amazfit GTR creates a great tool for both general and sportsmen. It will be fully relevant to perform various outdoor activities recording the real-time data correctly.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Being the smartwatch, the Amazfit GTR concludes multiple connectivity options for better performance. It comes with jam-packed features like Bluetooth 5.0v for wireless connectivity, along with GPS, GLONASS, and other technical metrics.

Further, the GTR smartwatch supports Android 5.0 or above, and IOS 10.0 or above. Hence, both the Android and iPhone users can avail the smart benefits of this new age smartwatch.

For those who managed to make mobile payments, the smartwatch installs NFC technology for quick transactions. Alongside, both of the versions support 12 sports modes to be the perfect weapon in the playground as well.


To make the Amazfit GTR non-responsive to the water, the Huami thinks to install IP68 IP rating in both of its versions. Ultimately, you are free to use smartwatch even in the rain without worrying about any damage that can occur to the watch.

Therefore, the Huami Amazfit GTR provides full protection against water and dust and keeps the outlook as fresh as new. You can use it in water up to 50m deepness.

Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Review: RAM and ROM

What could be better than, when you have options to store your real-time data locally on your wrist. The Amazfit GTR work with an algorithm to provide some storage space to the users.

In the device, the company has arranged for a RAM of 16 MB along with the 64 MB of data storage space. Consequently, users can store the smartwatch data in this space for quick analysis in the future. No options are there to extend this storage room.

Huami Amazfit GTR Additional Functionalities

Besides, the Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch contains lots of other useful parameters like it has brightness adjustment, calendar, stopwatch, alarm, countdown, weather forecast, waterproof, notification, email/call/SMS reminder, remote music function, running time tracking, calories, GPS, altitude, speed, cadence, and many more attractive features like these.

Huami Amazfit GTR Conclusion

In the final say, we have the words that Xiaomi is a trusted brand in each of the market niches. It has deep roots in the smartwatch industry too after grabbing the Smartphone sector with firm hands.

The Huami Amazfit GTR Smartwatch is no doubt an incredible multipurpose tool developed on the advanced technical modules. With NFC support, waterproof, multiple design and colour options, good battery life and lots of modern age features, the smartwatch is a great deal for all occasions.

If you are a businessman, the 47mm version is best for you with 24 days of battery life. Similarly, if you want a nice look, then you can go for a 42mm edition. Besides, the choices are there for you to pick the preferable one.

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