Huami Amazfit X Concept Watch Review

In August last year, Huami released a so-called ‘watch from the future’ – Huami Amazfit X concept watch. It is said to cost tens of millions of research and development to create a 2.07-inch flexible curved screen. The whole watch adopts a metal integrated design. The shape is like a crescent moon. The glass arc is extremely large. And it has a full sense of science fiction.

Now, when it is in the crowdfunding, we can take a look at this amazing smartwatch in details. Under the pure black panel on the front of the watch, a very immersive AMOLED screen is perfectly integrated with the watch body. It uses the recently popular titanium alloy as the body material, which is durable and light.

In terms of functions and experience, thanks to Huami’s previous deep cultivation in the field of smart wearable devices, the functions of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch are quite complete. Of course, it comes with the common health exercise monitoring functions of smartwatches, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep monitoring. Also, it supports a sports assistance and other functions such as NFC, alarm clock, message notification, and Alipay offline payment. Our protagonist provides a long-lasting battery life of up to 7 days.

In addition, in order to improve the feel of the operation without destroying the overall sense, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch uses pressure-sensitive buttons to replace the previous mechanical buttons. And at the same time, it uses a linear motor to simulate the real mechanical touch. Under full touch screen operation, the feedback feel is no less attractive than mechanical button operation.

At the beginning of this year, this Huami Amazfit X concept watch made its first overseas crowdfunding, and it won an hour of over $100,000. The final price reached $329. In China, its crowdfunding price is 999 yuan ($145), the half.

Huami Amazfit X Concept Watch Design

The packaging of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch is made of plastic material. Not only the appearance has a sci-fi orientation but it also has the function of storage and charging. So the box can be retained after taking out the product.

Once we open the box cover, we can see the main body of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch is stored on the column. The charging shock at the bottom of the watch body matches the magnetic charging port recessed on the column.

The column can be removed. Once done, at the bottom of the box, there are hidden charging cables and replacement short wrist straps. There are openings on the edge of the box to ensure that the buckles of the two components can be tightly closed while the charging cable passes through.

In this integrated design with curved surfaces, the boundary between the watch and the bracelet is actually quite blurred.

We can see a pressure-sensitive button and a microphone on the right side of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch.

You can change the watchband by pressing the button. One end of the two watchbands is fixed with screws, and one end has a snap-fast release design.

The main material of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch body is titanium alloy, which has the characteristics of strong skin affinity, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, low density, light weight, and poor thermal conductivity. It is a more high-end material in the watch market. On the back, there are familiar rechargeable electric shock and PPG sensors for monitoring health indicators such as heart rate and blood oxygen.

From the side view, the transition of the entire 3D curved surface of Huami Amazfit X concept watch is very smooth.

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch has a screen size of 2.07 inches, a pixel density of 326ppi, a high color gamut of 100% NTSC, and a maximum brightness of 430nit. The screen itself has a good quality.

Actual Use

The UI design of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch is still based on the existing design concept. Based on the four directions of the dial, you can enter the notification bar, shortcut switch, information bar, and function menu.

However, the UI interaction of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch is optimized for the elongated screen. All UIs are in the form of a single column, matched with the curved surface of the screen. It is very suitable for sliding up and down, realizing the unity of vision and interaction.

On the watch side, compared to the tiled layout, the vertical UI layout can make better use of all the display space of the screen, displaying as much information as possible while ensuring clarity.

But if you want to do this, you must have a slender screen. Therefore, only the Huami Amazfit X concept watch with a curved flexible screen can achieve this more convenient design.

Due to the use of pressure-sensitive buttons, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch also comes with a linear motor to improve the touch of the pressure-sensitive buttons.

In addition to the pressure-sensitive buttons, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch also has linear motor adaptation for many operations of the internal UI. For example, the time setting part of the alarm clock and sports function has a special vibration waveform.

Huami Amazfit X Concept Watch Health and Sports Functions

In terms of health and sports operations, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch has all the functions. It supports blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and sleep recording, pressure measurement and PAI health assessment system. And the heart rate, pressure and sleep can be automatically monitored and recorded throughout the day. In terms of sports, it supports automatic identification and recording of walking, indoor running, outdoor running, and outdoor riding.

Health Monitoring

  1. Heart rate

The watch turns on the all-weather heart rate record by default. And it can record the change of the heart rate during the day. In addition, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch supports 24-hour monitoring of high heart rate and automatic recognition of arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. For people with such needs, the watch can better understand the condition of the body.

  •  Sleep

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch can automatically detect sleep conditions, and display the results according to the classification of awake, deep sleep, light sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement). Users can intuitively understand how their sleep quality is, and can compare with others.

In addition, Huami Amazfit X concept watch also supports daytime nap monitoring. When the rest time is greater than 20 minutes, the result will be recorded.

  • Pressure measurement

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch supports pressure detection. It supports all-day pressure detection, recording your pressure changes throughout the day. So daily pressure data can reflect the real situation more accurately.

  • PAI health assessment system

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch supports PAI health assessment system. It can generate an exclusive health goal for each person based on physiological data such as a person’s age, weight, gender, etc. By completing this goal every day, the risk of cardiovascular disease can be greatly reduced.

The health goal is visually expressed by the PAI vitality index. Unlike the traditional method, which uses step counting and exercise time to calculate scores, it combines heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors, etc. to comprehensively record all exercise conditions in a day.

Sports functions

The Huami Amazfit X Concept Watch supports 9 sports modes including treadmill, indoor fitness, outdoor running, walking, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, outdoor cycling, pool swimming, and open water swimming. And due to its built-in GPS, it can complete the recording of the exercise by itself.

After selecting the corresponding sport mode, the watch will start searching for GPS signals. At this time, pay attention to stay away from tall buildings to prevent the signal from being blocked. After the exercise is over, the watch will also display the result, which is convenient for viewing exercise data directly.

After the smartphone is connected, the exercise data will be synchronized to the phone app to display in more details and in the form of charts.

The GPS statistics of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch comes with a very accurate path.

In addition, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch supports automatic sports discrimination. In the preference setting in the watch settings, turn on the switch of exercise monitoring. Once done, the watch can automatically recognize the exercise mode and start recording during exercise. Currently, this function only supports automatic identification of walking, indoor running, outdoor running, and outdoor riding.

Battery Life and Other Features


In terms of battery life, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch is the same as some small-sized smartwatches, and can last up to one week under regular use.

For a corresponding test, we turned on the all-day heart rate detection and automatic sleep detection. There was a sleep and an exercise in between, and the power consumption was 22% after 33 hours and 32 minutes.

Note: The GPS function has a greater impact on battery life.

Convenient functions

In addition to common sports and health functions, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch also supports many convenient functions. Such as the common Alipay payment, NFC card package function and so on.

  1. Alipay offline payment

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch supports Alipay quick payment. The usage method is exactly the same as before. Generate a QR code on the watch end, use Alipay app to scan the code to bind the device, recharge a certain amount in the device, and allow the merchant to scan the watch during payment.

  •  NFC card package

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch supports NFC function. So it can be used in apps to open traffic card or simulate community access card. For encrypted access control cards, you can use the blank card function to complete authorization or activation at the community property.

  •  Offline voice control

The Huami Amazfit X concept watch comes with a digital silicon microphone. So voice control is also a highlight. Unlike some products that receive voice from the watch and transmit it to the smartphone for processing and recognition, the voice recognition of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch is completely offline. Although the function is relatively limited, it is better than the responsiveness.

The way to activate the voice is also very simple. When the screen is on, you can call out the interface by turning your wrist. At this time, speaking the corresponding voice command can trigger the corresponding action.

  •  News

As a smartwatch, news notification is also a function that is very often used daily. The screen size of Huami Amazfit X Concept Watch is fully capable of pushing text messages.


Abandoning the design elements such as the dial and metal and leather straps makes the Huami Amazfit X concept watch very different from the traditionally recognized watches. This is a future-oriented watch, not a modern technology.

With extremely high screen-to-body ratio, one-piece curved screen design, and exquisite titanium alloy body, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch brings a new smartwatch form. The screen, watch body, and strap are integrated. And the perfect line transition makes the sense of separation between them no longer exist. The introduction of new materials makes it compact, lightweight and durable. And the powerful sensor makes the function as good as before.

When other products are stuck with the old appearance, the Huami Amazfit X concept watch takes the lead and realizes the unity of its own form and soul, allowing us to see what the future watch should look like.

Although there is the word ‘concept’, it adopts a new 3D design, the functions of the Huami Amazfit X concept watch are still perfect, and the experience is no different from the existing models.

This is a product with advanced design and mature experience, and its price is also affordable.

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