IQI I8 4G Smartwatch phone Review: A necessary Gadget

IQI I8 4G Smartwatch is the latest product launched by IQI company. The youth version launched on the market just cost the buyer $144.19. IQI I8 4G Smartwatch is the advanced version of the IQI smartwatch. The advancement is made in all aspects, not only in the money but also the features and body.

The IQI I8 4G Smartwatch is the most advanced and the best product by the manufacturer. As in terms of design, specialization, and prize, no other smartwatch can beat it.  This smartwatch could come as the best tool for outdoor and the business trips. The 4G smartwatch will replace your mobile phone on many occasions when you do not like to carry that heavy phone. Long standby time of this watch will help you much in your daily life.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch is also an update to the users of the company, to get up with the trend of the market. Not to be trendy but also at a very reasonable price. IQI I8 4G smartwatch phone is the basic version of the smartwatches. So the best reason that every customer in need can afford the watch. Moreover, get all the necessary requirements that he/she is in need of.

The IQI I8 4G smartwatch will be another flagship from IQI this year after launching various products. Starting from IQI I3 smartwatch, the company has fulfilled all the requirements of customers. Whether it starts with money and ranging up to the features of the phones. Same is the IQI I8 4G smartwatch for you, with top quality features for an ordinary person to buy within an expected low cost.

Let’s dive in for all the features of this Smartwatch;   

IQI I8 4G Smartwatch Specifications:


The packing for this IQI I8 4G Smartwatch comes with a black design where the logo of the IQI is provided on the front of the box. No other information comes on it. You will also get a sticker on the table which contains the model name and the color. When opened the box, you will have a clear view of the watch placed in the foam. To start with it, you will also get the instruction booklet in 2 languages.

After the opening of the box, you can view the smartwatch, but the screen has a protective guard like a dial interface. As compared to the previous IQI I3 watch, you will see that the size of the IQI I8 4G Smartwatch is small and also thin than others.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

The circular design of the smartwatch is the thing that catches the attention of the customers which makes it one of the stylish watches at the first look. Along with this elegant look, the IQI I8 4G smartwatch also looks like a sports watch, which you can wear in the office or the time of the workout. The overall look for this smartwatch is simple with an elegant and sporty silicone strap.


The appearance of the watch is similar to the previous IQI I3 smartwatch, but it comes with a broader body and screen. The IQI I I8 4G dial comes with 1.39 inch AMOLED HD display. The resolution of the screen is 400*400 pixels with touch support. The touch support in AMOLED HD display gives you the same feeling you will get with using you high-tech smartphones. The main reason this watch is capable of putting your expensive phones in the drawer.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

Like other watches, IQI I8 4G smartwatch also provides you with different designs. This is because to give a choice to customers to select their thoughtful design. You can find a model like metallic silver and black that is the best you get on this watch. The design of the watch is made as pretty more uncomplicated to that it looks stylish. The positive quality that every customer would love is that the watch is waterproof. This feature allows you to go in the rain, swimming pool and other wet places wearing this.

The IQI I8 4G smartwatch comes with the physical support as well on the right side of the display, from where you can use various functions on your smartwatch. This button is also the home button of your smartwatch. A small press to the button lightens up the screen. The extended media helps you to switch the watch on/off.


In the hardware section, we first talk about the display; it comes with a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen and the resolution of 400*400 which helps to give a clear view of the screen. This AMOLED HD screen also helps the user to get a proper view of the watch when viewing it under the sunlight. The screen is protected by the 2.5D corning gorilla glass. The gorilla glass keeps your smartwatch safe when dropped from a smaller height.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

As the IQI I8 4G Smartwatch is built on the latest version of OS Android 7.0, equipped with processor MediaTek MT6737M Quad-core processor, the processor which is similar to that of LEMFO LEM7 watch. The processor work with in conjunction with 1 GB RAM. More than this it provides the customer with 16 Gb of the storage memory, a very large space for a watch to come with. A black side of it is the IQI I8 4G smartwatch does not support the sd-card. It means you have to adjust all the data you got in this 16Gb. The operating system takes away the internal space of about 2Gb and you are left with 14Gb of interior space.

The durable battery of 700 mAh provides the user with four days of power in continuous mode, which is not often in the watches. For the speed, the IQI I8 4G smartwatch works excellent with all the updated features in the market.


Softwares are the particular part of today’s world which have a significant role to play in smartphones and smartwatches. The IQI I8 4G smartwatch runs on Android 7.0 software. The nano sim technology is upgraded in this smartwatch just like the latest smartphones come with. The smartwatch also gives you the various connectivity options like 3G, Wifi, and GPS.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch also comes with the Bluetooth 4.0 function. This function helps the user to connect the device with other IOS or any OS Android device so that they are able to operate the smartwatch from their own phone.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

The watch comes with various sensors like a geomagnetic sensor, three-axis accelerometer, a pedometer, and barometer. All these features help you to perform the activities such as tracking the step, sleep, and heart-rate just on the hands.

The Android play store of version 7.0 application is pre-provided in this watch. This feature gives the user an option to install the different type of app for their smartwatch according to the like.


The new IQI I8 4G smartwatch provides the users with the inclusion of professional audio speakers. This speaker is the advanced capability of the phone to reduce the distortion and the noise. This also prevents the addition of the quality stereo speakers. The smartwatch helps you to listen to another person very clearly without any disturbance. Even when you listen to the music, the speaker provides you with the best quality just like the top smartphones or the speakers.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch Features:

Let’s talk about the features of this expensive watch. With the new feature of the nano-sim technology, the smartwatch is capable of receiving and sending the text messages. The watch also gives the feature to make the call without connecting to any phone. You can also connect your phone to other smartphones using the Bluetooth technology provided. This technology helps you to send and receive messages and make calls on your watch on behalf of your phone.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

The most exciting specification in the watch is its 2.0 MP camera that is provided on the right side of the screen. You can get the good quality of images with this camera. This feature in the smartwatch provides you to capture the images and record the videos as well in the case of emergency.

Sports Loving:

The IQI I8 4G smartwatch is the best watch for the fitness-loving customers as this provides them with the features like tracking the run, sleep, and heartbeats. Along with the features like running, cycling and swimming.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

The user is capable of viewing the detailed data for the running and walking or any other activity performed by the user. This is basically enough for the daily use for fitness-loving people. Taking the smartwatch to indoor and under the sunlight suggests to us that the watch should only be used outdoors. The reason for this is the GPS which only tracks the outdoor activities performed by the user.

Generally, you should come with the outdoor activities like running, cycling and walking which is good for the watch to detect.


The IQI I8 4G smartwatch has a battery that is inbuilt of 700 mAh. The size of the battery is more than the sufficient for a watch. Like, if you use the smartwatch with the applications that are battery consuming, you will need to charge the watch at the end of the day.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

Otherwise, you will not have to charge the battery for a whole long day. IQI I8 4G smartwatch comes with the USB cable. You have to plug your USB cable on the provided port on your watch. Then, on the other hand, plug the wire with your laptop or any other power source.

Our Verdict:

IQI I8 4G smartwatch in our review is the best product. This watch is considered the best watch for the pocket and features if you are good with its display. If someone does not want to spend too much of money, this watch is the best option for them.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch

IQI I8 4G smartwatch has many more various features than other smartwatches available in the market, like; the built-in speaker and microphone which allows you to make and receive calls rather than the Bluetooth, the added speakers help you to entertain and change your mood listening to the music.

IQI I8 4G smartwatch is available in two different colors Black and Silver. You can order this smartwatch phone at Gearbest for $144.19 which is much less than other smartwatches. I want to recommend this watch because the new IQI I8 4G smartwatch provides you with all the quality specifications that a smartphone and a smartwatch phone requires (A small box with big gadgets).

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