JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan Review, Price and Specs

In the era of Air Conditioners, the air fans still have space in the market. In this context, the JIMMY has come to light with their next invention JIMMY JF41 Smart Fan with some cool features.

Air fans are necessary equipment of almost every household. Even the richer section prefers to have a fan at their home. Accordingly, Chinese manufacturers anticipate market demands and keen to build something useful for the clients.

Consequently, JIMMY offers its global customers JF41 360-degree Smart Fan at a very affordable cost. The smart fan is made of an ABS metal material, which confirms long-lasting life as said by the company. Moreover, it is absolutely folksy to every household needing less space and power to perform.

JIMMY JF41 Smart Fan is a 3600 rotating machine to blow every corner of your room. You can 360-degree oscillation as per your requirements. Further, the JF41 Smart Fan comes with a brushless motor and appellate design to replenish your home with colours.

With JF41 Fan, you can enjoy the blow of air up to a distance of 15 meters. The company claimed to be the only player in the industry to provide such a challenging feature.

Similarly, you can switch between various speed modes like Constant Wind Mode, Natural Wind Mode etc. to get the best experience during the summers.

Along with, the JIMMY JF41 Smart Fan also adopts pre-set setting to turn the fan off after a specific time.

Overall, the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan is a great tool to deal with summer hotness. It will please you with exceptional quality features at fair price range.

JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan: Features and Specifications

In this section, we will go deeper to review various features and characteristics of the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan. As the summers are approaching near and people strives to get the best deal.

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Therefore, the JIMMY has come up with its unique product to give you the option at a cheap price. Go through the review study to get an idea about the weak and strong points of the product. Hopefully, it will help you nicely to decide upon the buying decision.

Colour and Design

By going through the appearance at first, the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan has a very straightforward personality without complications.

The manufacturer has designed it in the Grey colour skin and an ABS robust metal material. Moreover, the fan takes exquisite and appealing personality with 7 swing blade shape technology.

Furthermore, the JF41 Smart Fan offers 360-degree oscillation facility to provide you with extensive air blow felling. It can rotate its neck at 3600 angle to reach out to every corner of your room.

The portable and tiny size of the JIMMY JF41 Fan is quite lightweight and space-saving. You can put it on stand anywhere in your room as its physique measures at 119.50×25.50×21.20 cm. Similarly, it weighs 3 kg only to be lift-able by a child.

Externally, the JF41 360-degree Smart Fan comes with an elegant and sturdy design. The silver colour approach will decorate your room with sensible contrast. You can migrate it to any room conveniently.

All about, the JIMMY JF41 Fan is good at design and delivers consolidated services for a long time. The simplistic design ensures easy assembling and cleaning of the fan.

360-degree Wide Area Oscillation

Usually, the standing fans come with straight air flow feature. They can’t move or rotate on either side to cover side corners.

But the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan is somewhat different from them. JIMMY builds a 360-degree rotation policy in the JF41 Smart Fan to provide the air to each corner in your room.

When you put the power switch on, it will start rotating 360-degree. Therefore, no part of your room will lack the air. It will throw air even to the ceiling and floor.

The inbuilt powerful brushless motor makes it perform the tasks easily. The positive aspect is that you do not need to move the fan to another direction manually. It is an automatic process, which can also be stayed in one direction.

The 3600 rotating head will ensure to circulate the air through every corner and maintains cool temperature. Hence, you will enjoy AC-like feeling with the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Fan.

Multiple Speed Modes

Moving ahead to the next front, the JF41 Smart Fan has multiple speed modes to adjust as per the needs. It offers all-time solutions for all occasions.

With JIMMY JF41 Fan, you can switch between the Constant Wind Mode and the Natural Wind Mode. Both have specific and unique features in the context of usability. Each mode has further 3 grades to satisfy the needs of different people on different occasions.

Under the constant wind mode, you will get improved air circulation. It is designed for the crowdy occasion like a party at home or any other gathering etc. This mode will serve people with constant air without lags.

Similarly, the natural wind mode provides gentle air flow in a silent manner. This mode is best for babies, pregnant women, or older people. Therefore, the natural mode is designed especially for sensitive cases.

15 Meters Blowing Distance

The JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan contains 7 wing-shaped blades to produce swift air blow. The blades are designed with middle arch technology and seagull shape to promote airflow as far as 15 meters.

Therefore, it has the ability to develop a rapport with the users with its outstanding service base. JIMMY JF41 Fan promises to serve you in every corner of your room as it produces accelerated airflow through a powerful brushless motor.

Ultimately, the machine is capable of maintaining balanced temperature rapidly and makes people feel comfortable and cool.

Usually, the normal fans can provide the air flow up to the distance of just 5 meters. But the JF41 Smart Fan pushes the air in a combined way to achieve the maximum reach.

7 Swing Shape Blade Technology

As discussed earlier, the JIMMY JF41 Smart Fan adopts a fantastic technology of 7 swing shape blades. No doubt, this could be the strongest part of the smart fan and distinguishes the fan in the crowd.

The swing-shaped fan blades generate spiral airflow to make the wind gentle and comfortable. Similarly, the blades provide the bionic design with seagull wing shape and create a stable performance for more cooling and pleasant.

Low-Noise Functionality

As the JIMMY JF41 Smart Fan covers a digital brushless motor, therefore, the performance will be super-silent and cool with minimum noise output.

The streamline wing-shaped blades gently reduce the noise by 30% and create only 30 DBA in sleeping mode. At 10 DB, the sound will be equal to the sound of butterfly flapping wings.


Internally, the JF41 Smart Fan equips a brushless digital motor for cool and hygienic performance. The motor is the tool to create stunning speed by optimizing the power usage at all levels.

Furthermore, it uses high-precision bearing, which ultimately reduces noise by up to 30%. Similarly, the blades help to reduce the vibration and wind resistance to work at only 25 dBA in sleeping mode.

The JIMMY JF41 Smart Fan uses stepless variable speed motor to switch between the wind modes without creating vibration. The fan will smoothly enter another mode by keeping the machine stable.

The brushless motor of the JIMMY JF41 Fan can produce the airflow speed up to 4.3M/s with the rated power of 20W and 24V voltage.

Most importantly, the digital brushless motor can serve you for up to 20000 hours of life against the 1000 hours of the normal fan. As it has no carbon brush wear, so in continuous working conditions, it can last for up to 20000 hours.

Remote Controller

To manage the operations wirelessly, the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan comes with a remote control device. This is incredible to see wireless settings and smart algorithms in a standard fan.

Further, the remote controller uses a CR2032 battery to get an edge on the power backup. You can easily switch between various modes through your remote controller. It allows you to increase or decrease the speed, switching between the operating modes etc. You will have full access on JIMMY JF41 Fan from distance.

Pre-set Settings

The JF41 3600 Smart Fan provides various smart features, which the ordinary fans don’t have.

Correspondingly, the fan has some pre-set techniques to make it smarter and convenient. You can set a time to turn off in advance. The time can be between 1-7 hours. After meeting the deadline, the fan will automatically get turned off. You do not require doing this manually.


Moving to the price, the JIMMY JF41 360-degree Smart Fan is a bit affordable against ultra-modern features. Price is the critical factor for most of the customers, but in the JIMMY JF41 Fan case, they will get value for money.

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