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Microwear L7 smartwatch Review, Price and Specification

Micro wear company deal with the wrist watches, which watches are great functions. All feature and function changes the old style of watch. Till now micro wear company made many watches but now recent company launch Microwear L7 watch. This new watch is almost same to previous watch but the functions also different. The microwear l7 case is made up of stainless steel, and the strap can be leather (black, brown) or metal Milanese bracelet (black, silver).

As usual, it is great wrist watch by micro wear covering impressive functions and useful qualities. This device measure and calculate the heartbeat of the person, who tied the watch on the wrist. This is very helpful in count the exercise time. Microwear L7 edge to edge screen ECG heart rate, Bluetooth call IP68 Music control long standby smart watch.

Feature and Function

This watch run faster and gives high performance. Both the graphics processing and computing speed are multiple times faster than the ordinary Bluetooth watch chip. This device has high precision gravity sensor. Microwear L7 is eco-friendly device.  Overall, the micro wear L7 is a spectacular collection of the latest technologies and features.

microwear L7

Microwear L7 Design:

Microwear l7 is a classy round screen watch and made up of stainless steel case with metal Milanese bracelet strap. Its touch screen dimensions are 1.3 inch (33mm) with two buttons embedded on the body. Its IPS sensor resolution (240 *240 PPI) and the main thing is that the sensor is also protected with the scratch resistant glass which protect sensor  from scratches and make working life of sensor more long.

The weight of watch is 50gm so it is very easy to carry and one can easily tie it whole day on his hand. Selection of color of a product is also an important task in selecting a product so it  come with brown, black and silver color variants so one can select it according to his choice.


It is a Bluetooth smart watch so you can easily connect it with your smart phones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth camera. Smartwatch also has micro USB slot in it so user can directly connect USB in it with the use of OTG. It also supports the picture, audio and video formats user have option to watch all the videos and images in it. Microwear l7 gives slot for sim card  so we can easily put our sim card in it and enjoy services like calling and using internet. It supports various network bands to give the users an ambient solution for all networks and enjoy services provided by its network provider.

microwear L7

Microwear L7 Battery and backup:

The microwear L7 comes with the 300 MAH lithium ion polymer battery in it which do not get drained easily and give user long working session. It has standby time of 6-7 days so problem of charging it again and again is completely solved. It has also feature of magnetic charging. So it takes very less time in refilling it again so it will free user from electricity plug quickly to resume his work. Its battery gives an outstanding backup on calling and video playbacks.

Ram and processor:

It comes with mtk2502 processor which is one of the latest processors comes in the smart watches till now there are very less smart watches in which this processor is equipped. It comes with total 64 MB memory in which it is divided into 32 MB Ram and 32 MB Rom each. It is also water resistant and gives high performance to user because of its hardware specifications. It has also in built camera of 1.2 mega pixels to capture all the live moments of user life.


It has sensors to monitor heart rate and blood pressure so we can monitor our heart rate and blood pressure all day long and it also give warning when it found heart rate or blood pressure not normal. Microwear L7 has also sleep monitor feature so it give user alarm to take nap and reminds him for taking sleep. It also has pedometer sensor so it tracks all our health measuring step to achieve health goal, it also count all our footsteps that we take in our whole day, we can also store all the history of these steps. Smartwatch also has blood oxygen sensor which tells the user about the amount of oxygen in its blood .

microwear L7

Microwear L7 also has calorie counter sensor so user can easily monitor its calorie consumption and decomposition. Sensors are coated with scratch resistant glass so it protects them from all the scratches and make them more durable and more consistent. It also makes this smart watch more durable and helps it to increase performance. It has stopwatch in it and many other sports modes to monitor all the activities of user body.

Other additional features:

Despite all the necessary features also give user some additional feature like weather forecast, calculator, automatic activation of screen, alarm clock, calendar, remote control of camera and music player, reminder of need to move and anti fouling.

Mcrowear is a leading brand in the designing of smart watches. They have started this service to encourage peoples to achieve health goals. L7 smart watch is a product of microwear and it comes under one of the best watches made by microwear. It is a classy watch with round edge screen and a slim steel case with two round buttons embedded on it. This watch supports video and call simultaneously. No matter in work or in life, easily have a video call. The communication of this device is very interesting.

Microwear L7 GPS Tracking

The watch is waterproof has changeable band which is very rare among smart watches. This smart watch has many exercise profiles. The watch measure body ECG readings and also calculate the time of exercise. This watch has multi-mode step gravity sensor, into any kind of movement mode, GPS tracking your trajectory and generate a map, automatically open the heart rate to detect your heartbeat and generate a curve record, professional and detailed sports data allows you to better manage their healthy life.

microwear L7

This L7 smart watch measure the altitude, temperature, pressure measure. Height measurement, Accompany you over the mountains, Air pressure measurement, Accompany you by fearless forward, temperature measurement, concern you well, through the internet get the local data.

Heart rate sensors

The menu features a heart rate sensor, blood pressure sensor, blood oxygen sensor, sleep sensor, pedometer, calorie counter, stopwatch and a variety of sports modes. This smart watch is best for every person. And also this smart watch unisex. There are several standard dials to adjust the interface design.

Smart watch is pack in a very nice box. The box is fully filled with the sponge, which protect the watch and accessories from damage. This product provides you manual, USB charging cable, sim needle with the L7 smart watch. The smart watch has amazing screen, which is very sharp, clear, responsive, simply amazing and waterproof. You can shower with a watch no worry for anything. The screen is bright and clear.


This smart watch is very comfortable for all and ability to replace band. The camera of the device is great for click the pictures. Its feature and characteristics very greatly responded. The IP68 standard allows it to be worn even while swimming. There is no frame on the screen of the smart watch. Sensors of the smart watch calculate every reading. When the L7 attach with the mobile phone by Bluetooth, then the smart watch shows the messages, incoming calls on the screen.

This L7 smart watch has a power full battery. The stand by time of the battery is 6 days. This product is the best option for you. You can buy this product via online and from accessory stores in the market.

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