Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier Review

Even if you don’t smoke, there are always various cases when the room air is too heavy. However, we should admit that smoking is very annoying. And if you don’t want to become a ‘secondary’ smoker, you should take action. Of course, there are various ‘natural’ methods of ventilating the room air. But we guess the best option is the air purifiers. We guess you know that Xiaomi is one of the main brands that makes smart home products, including air purifiers. But most of them are for home use. And what about those cases that you need something portable to take with you to office? In fact, there is one released recently. And today, we are going to review the Mijia Desktop Air Purifier.

Unboxing and Appearance

The appearance of the outer packaging uses the style of Mijia. The handle is highly praised, and it is easy to carry out. It is also good to bring it to someone. The bottom left corner of the box has a summary of the advantages of the product. It is clear at a glance and can filter PM2.5.

Let’s look at the product directly. It doesn’t need to be assembled. When looking at it for the first time, there is a feeling we are dealing with a table lamp. However, let’s not talk about the brand, at first glance this is Xiaomi, because this style is very familiar.

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

The white panel, with the Mijia logo in the middle, is simple.

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

The Mijia air purifier uses side air outlets, and various sides of the air inlet and outlet.

If you feel that the air outlet is too cold for you in winter, you can also adjust the direction of the air by rotating the main part of the air purifier. Actually, it has a very user-friendly design.

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

The disc design of the Mijia desktop purifier will give people a fresh aesthetic. It is not like the conventional design of other air purifiers on the market. It can be accommodated even at a workstation. The disc-shaped design is found to save more space.

The front panel has a magnetic design and can be removed with a single click. It is convenient to disassemble and clean or replace the filter element. It is worth mentioning that it’s safe for various operations. Remove the cover while the machine is running, it will automatically stop working.

Let’s take a look at the most important core part of this purifier. The C-type built-in filter element, in addition to adding antibacterial and antiviral coatings, can inactivate some common bacteria and viruses by 99.99%, and it can also prevent secondary pollution. It can also kill some bacteria and viruses in the air by 99.99%. However, the price of this filter consumable is not expensive.

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier
Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

The power interface is placed under the base. The hidden design is safe and beautiful. Four rubber anti-skid pads ensure that the machine is stable and does not shake. We can see that the rated power is 6w.


After long pressing the power button, the WiFi indicator will flash continuously. At this time, open the Mijia app and search to connect. Generally, Mijia products will automatically pop up requesting pairing.

After pairing the Mijia Desktop Air Purifier, we will enter the app page that is relatively simple, and it supports remote switch, gear switch, and check the status of the filter element. At the same time, it can also support Xiaoai linkage, making the operation easier.

If you have multiple smart devices in your home, you can set up linkage between them. For example, linkage with a temperature sensor can be set to when the temperature rises, start the desktop purifier automatically. Or it can be linked with other Mijia purifiers at home. And when pm2.5 reaches a certain concentration, the desktop purifier will be automatically turned on.

The Mijia Desktop Air Purifier supports the adjustment of 4 windshields. After adjusting the air volume to a suitable gear, the compact design itself and the power will not be great. The wind blowing is still very soft. The air volume is not very large. The air volume can be adjusted manually or adjusted after turning on the phone.

In noise environments, the sound of this low-power electrical appliance will be completely covered. Basically, no sound can be heard. However, in less noisy environments, the noise will be obviously more. At the fourth gear, it is almost 50 decibels.

The innovative C-type air duct and C-type filter element can effectively expand the air inlet area. The adjustable air outlet direction allows the purification position to be accurate.


The appearance is very attractive. You even don’t need to put it on the table. It can be used as an ornament.

You can interact with it quite easily. Due to the remote operations, you can launch the purifier in advance before you arrive at the office. The replacement of the filter element is also simple and quick, and the magnetic cover design is very user-friendly.

Due to the 120-degree adjustable air outlet + four-speed air volume, you can enjoy clean air in any sitting position. It also supports Mijia intelligent control, Xiaoai voice control, and intelligent linkage.

However, apart from the aforementioned advantages, there are some shortcomings. The lack of a display screen should be the biggest shortcoming. It is a pity that the temperature, humidity, and air quality of the working environment cannot be observed intuitively. Plus, there is no PM2.5 value display on the mobile phone.

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