Mijia Electric Shaver S100

Mijia Electric Shaver S100 Quick Review

Those who are in business trips frequently and have business meetings in a short period of time, will confirm my words that one of the most annoying ‘problems’ is the beard on the face. But if you have a portable electric shaver, this problem can be solved in minutes. The main problem related to the electric razors is the short battery life. And if you can solve this problem somehow, it will become your best assistant. In this sense, it’s better to acquire an electric shaver that supports charging from power banks. Today, we are going to review such a product – the Mijia Electric Shaver S100.

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The Mijia Electric Shaver S100 is a very cost-effective razor. The price is only 79 yuan ($12). It not only supports body washing, but also supports Type-C fast charging. The built-in independent silent motor makes the shaving sound lower, and it is also an IPX7-level waterproof.

Mijia Electric Shaver S100 Unboxing And Appearance

The packaging continues the usual simple style. It is packaged in a white carton. The eight features of the razor are marked on both ends of the box.

The independent floating double-blade head design solves the problem of shaving blind spots. The contour changes constantly, adapting to local conditions to achieve the perfect shave effect.

Mijia Electric Shaver S100

The multi-function button continues Xiaomi’s usual simple and easy-to-use operating style. All operations can be achieved with only one multi-function button: press and hold for 3 seconds in the off state, the motor does not rotate, and the travel lock indicator light stays on for three seconds. It means to enter the travel lock state. So no matter how you roll in the bag, it will not accidentally start and cause danger. Reverse operation can exit this function. Short press the multi-function button once to realize the normal switch function.

The next features are the travel lock status indicator and the battery indicator. The battery indicator uses a colored breathing light, which tells the user the power status of the shaver through different colors. When the power is 100%-40%, it is bright white; when it is 40%-20%, the light turns into orange long light; when the power is 20%-10%, it turns into red long light; when the power is less than 10%, it will fail to boot, and the red light will flash.

Mijia Electric Shaver S100

Reminder: When the battery cannot be turned on, fast charge for 5 minutes and shave at least once. It takes 120 minutes to fully charge the battery. The shaver does not need to be charged at least once every six months to maintain the battery during admission. It can be used for about 90 minutes with full charge.


Now the three major things people travel with – keys, smartphones, and ID cards. If you bring a smartphone, you will definitely carry a charger, and the Mijia electric shaver S100 does not require an additional charger. Also, it will not take up space and risk of leakage like the old model with its own plug.

Apart from this, it has achieved IPX7 waterproof rating. As the gap between the charging plug is subtracted, it supports a whole body washing.

However, we should also point out that this razor is more suitable for people with less beard area. Thus, you shouldn’t take it as a regular razor.

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