Mijia Mop Robot 2 Review: It Will Do The Job Without You

We should admit that the first sweeping robots were moving dust collectors. They were able only to walk according to a certain path and to collect dust. Even if the route has been cleaned recently, those robots were cleaning it again without understanding whether they need to do that. So it’s unfair to call them “smart.”

However, everything changed in time. Now, they not only understand more but also operate without interacting with humans. Of course, there are still many problems the manufacturer should solve. But now, the current smart vacuum cleaners do more than the initial models. Say, they can understand when the power is running out and go back for charging, do not clean the clean areas, avoid collision, overcome obstacles, etc.

In this sense, there are a few well-known manufacturer that are offering products with the mentioned features. Fortunately, Xiaomi’s Mijia is already among them. Recently, this brand released a new model namely the Mijia Mop Robot 2. But this is not an ordinary sweeping robot – it is a sweeping and mopping robot with mopping function.

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