Mijia Mop Robot 2 Review: It Will Do The Job Without You

Mijia Mop Robot 2 Design

The Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 adopts the popular circular design. The ivory white color can also embellish the atmosphere in the house when it is placed at home.

Mijia Mop Robot 2

There are two buttons on the fuselage, namely the automatic recharge button and the power button. Press the two buttons at the same time for 7 seconds to connect to the Mijia app. Once done, you will give control to the app.

Mijia Mop Robot 2

In the power-on mode, tap the power button to turn on the global cleaning, pause, and resume functions. Press the recharge button to automatically find the charging pile.

Mijia Mop Robot 2

There are more detailed button instructions when you open the lid. There is a pressure buckle at the dust box, and the dust box can be taken out with a light press.

Mijia Mop Robot 2

We can see that the driving wheels and universal wheels at the bottom of the fuselage are all available, and the single-sided brush design can better achieve wall cleaning.

Mijia Mop Robot 2 Mijia Mop Robot 2

The Mijia Mop Robot 2 has dToF obstacle avoidance +LDS laser obstacle avoidance system openings on the front, and the charging electrode assembly on the back.

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