Mijia Mop Robot 2 Review: It Will Do The Job Without You

Mijia App

As a sweeping robot produced by Mijia, it can be connected to the Mijia app. This is one of the biggest highlights of this Mijia Mop Robot 2. In addition to the common whole house map, the small details of the Mijia app are also very well done.

After scanning the house, the user can choose to clean in a single area or make a route to clean.

Users can also remotely control the Mijia Mop Robot 2 to clean when they are usually out.

When using the remote cleaning function, you don’t have to worry that Mijia Mop Robot 2 will get stuck in the corner when encountering obstacles. Due to dToF obstacle avoidance + LDS laser obstacle avoidance, even if obstacles are temporarily added on the set map, the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 can also avoid and continue cleaning.

In the Mijia app, users can remotely control the trajectory of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 and decide the cleaning area by themselves. They can also see which places are not covered.

If there are areas that are inconvenient to clean (such as carpets), you can even set up virtual walls, and Mijia Mop Robot 2 will avoid these locations.

In addition to supporting this app, the Mijia Mop Robot 2 can also be awakened by voice to implement various functions, which is also a major feature of Mijia products.

In addition, in the Mijia app, you can also see the consumable usage of the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2. The wear level includes the side brush, the main brush, the dust box filter, and the mop. The user can decide whether to replace it.

The Mijia Mop Robot 2 has added a rare vibration mode. In the face of difficult to clean stains, the built-in motor of Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 can generate high-speed vibration of the machine to clean up dirt on the ground.

There are three cleaning modes, namely sweeping, sweeping and mopping, and mopping. The suction power is divided into four levels: quiet, standard, mid-range, and powerful.

In the single-drag mode, according to the water volume, the user can choose the first gear, the second gear, and the third gear. The water output is different for different options, and the user can choose the gear according to their needs.

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