Mijia Mop Robot 2 Review: It Will Do The Job Without You

Actual Experience

Compared with the previous generation of Mijia sweeping and dragging integrated robots that used mechanical obstacle avoidance and collision feedback to achieve route planning, the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 adopts a new dToF obstacle avoidance +LDS laser obstacle avoidance system. This also improves the speed and accuracy of map creation. Even in dark and low light environments, it can also achieve easy map creation.

Mijia Mop Robot 2

As a common measurement technology, dToF is often used in vehicle-mounted LiDAR. Compared with iToF, it is much more difficult to implement. Its accuracy depends on the pulse duration. It is particularly good at precision measurement and precise ranging in complex environments.

Mijia Mop Robot 2

In daily use, for obstacles such as table corners and walls, the Mijia Mop Robot 2 will choose to avoid targets when it is close to the extreme distance to avoid leaving clear dead corners. The rebound design of the fuselage does not have to worry about damaging the fuselage.

The single-sided brush increases the suction power enough to meet the daily use. In the test, turning on the quiet mode can easily take away the paper dust on the ground.

In the power mode, the suction power of the Mijia Mop Robot 2 is increased to the maximum, and even paper scraps that are completely soaked in water can be easily sucked up. We should note that in the strong gear, the noise of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 2 is also the largest.

When encountering slightly larger pollutants like stones, the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2 can still suck up the pollutants.

Except for stones and debris, the hardest thing to clean up in life should be the cola and Sprite spilled on the ground with sugary drinks, sticking to the ground and looking sticky. However, the unique vibration cleaning and mop of the Mijia Mop Robot 2 is specifically for this type of pollutants. During the test, the standing time of Coke on the ground is about 5 minutes, and the Mijia Mop Robot 2 is still very easy to clean Coke.

The water tank and the mop bracket adopt an integrated drawer design, but Mijia has added a magnetic attraction point on it, which can better allow the water tank to be adsorbed on the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2, eliminating the trouble of shaking the water tank up and down during cleaning.

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