Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T Detailed Review

It is easy to change from frugality to luxury, but difficult to change from luxury to frugality. We mean since using the robot vacuum cleaner, it is difficult to go back to the days without robot vacuum cleaners. It is a magic weapon to free your hands!

The sweeping robot is really the most worry-free thing. You don’t even need to turn it on specially. It will automatically clean at a set time. If the house is not particularly dirty, the dust box does not need to be cleaned every time it is cleaned. Just do it once every day.

However, there is always room for improvement. Today, on November 6, Xiaomi released one of the world’s most powerful and effective vacuum cleaners – the Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T.

Unpacking and Design

Not much to say, this time the Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T (3D exploration version) comes in black. In fact, we were a little worried at first that it would be dirty after the dust fell. But due to the unique design, it won’t get dirty easily.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

The small broom needs to be installed by yourself. The mopping module is separate.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

You need to remove the mopping module when you don’t need to mop.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

The water tank is intelligent electronically controlled, and the water output can be automatically controlled when mopping the floor. You can set freely the water volume on the app.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

There is a small ‘eye’ directly on front. This is the front ToF camera. The front ToF camera and high-precision sensor are used in cooperation during the sweeping process to avoid the collision-type cleaning of the sweeper.

This small tire is like off-road tires. So this cleaner will easily travel through the house without worrying about carpets.

The dust box on the top comes with a HEPA filter. It will not cause secondary pollution when cleaning, pay attention to replace the filter regularly.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

V-shaped rollers are not easy to entangle the hair, and it is easy to clean the carpet.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T


When sweeping the floor, you must be very careful. First, they usually generate some noise. So they may interfere sleeping. Second, they may be messed with various cables. The third is related to the furniture.

The S-cross 3D obstacle avoidance function of the Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T is based on the ToF distance measurement and obstacle avoidance technology applied in the field of unmanned driving. It uses the front-mounted ToF camera and high-precision sensors to cooperate, intelligently sense and accurately calculate and the distance of obstacles can be automatically circumvented.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

When approaching obstacles, it will quickly find the distance and avoid accurately. Even in the L-shaped intersection, it can avoid accurately without touching the slightest.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

It not only can avoid large obstacles such as walls, but even a small plush toy can be avoided accurately.

At the same time, it can quickly measure the gaps in the space when facing low spaces, and avoid space areas that are similar to the height of the fuselage in advance to avoid jamming of the sweeping robot and scratch the bottom of the furniture.

After linking to the Mijia app, we can explore a new world!

The 4-speed cleaning mode is adjustable, Also, it has an up to 3000Pa strong suction power. So it can clean carpets and other surfaces c easily.

The water blocking amount is adjustable. According to different surfaces and cleaning requirements, the water output can be set by itself. Аnd the water output is electronically controlled.

You can remotely control the sweeping robot cleaning through the app, or you can use the Xiao Ai voice assistant for cleaning.

The map after the first cleaning.

Due to the 3D VSLAM visual navigation system, after 2-3 complete house cleanings, the machine will automatically map out a clean map. It can intelligently distinguish living room, bedroom, kitchen and other areas.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

The map is drawn very accurately. When the sweeping robot was cleaning the light blue kitchen area, we stood there and blocked by feet. It is seen on the map.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

You can set up virtual walls and clean restricted areas through software. For example, if the kitchen is greasy and you don’t want the sweeping robot to enter, you can set up a virtual wall to keep it out.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

As mentioned earlier, the robot is usually turned on after sleeping. If the sleeping time is basically fixed, the timer cleaning can be turned on. After everyone is asleep, the robot starts to work.

HEPA filters and brushes need to be replaced regularly. The machine will remind you that it is time for replacement.

Some settings of the machine can also be changed using the app.

Through the remote control, you can drive around at home as you like. You can sweep the floor and play. You can kill two birds with one stone.

The 550ml large dust box and the 5200mAh high-capacity battery can meet the cleaning needs of a large area of ​​households. More than 200 square meters of houses can be cleaned at once. Of course, it also makes sense for a small families.

The Bottom Line

The advantages of the Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T are still obvious. This obstacle avoidance function similar to the car’s driverless technology is its highlight. The large-capacity battery, large-capacity dust box, 4-speed suction adjustment, and 3-stop water volume adjustment ensure that it is competent for household cleaning work.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 1T

In addition, you can also survey and clean the map, plan the route reasonably, and set up virtual walls, clean the restricted areas and mopping restricted areas through the map options.

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