QCY T1C mini Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

QCY is a China leading manufacture company which designed wireless audio products. The company always provides you high and new technology with the products. QCY is gives you the quality and fashionable designs. The Bluetooth earphones help users get rid of wires and perform activities, including driving, sports, shopping, and working more easily and with greater comfort. Now company launches his new product QCY T1C wireless earphones. The company sells his products at very affordable price.


Feature & Specification of QCY T1C:

QCY T1C has various unique and new features. This comes with high sensitivity silicone wheat which improving the recognition of the speech. All features of the device designed with latest technology. Now days may smartphones has not 3.5mm audio output and wireless headphone are in demand. QCY T1C is best headphone for those people who don’t spend lot of money on like Apple headphones.


This earphone built with automatic technology which works when you don’t need to wear this earphone they automatically switch off with in a second. There is a one button on the earphone which helps to switch on the earphone, with one click to pause, receive and reject calls with just one touch on earphone. The sensitivity of the earphone is 180dB and 16 ohm impedance. This has lower latency you can enjoy watching HD movies more happily.



If we talk about the design of earphone, this is very light weighted device which is very easy to your pocket. This light weight earphone not tired your ears. You can wear for long time easily. During wear QCY T1C gives very attractive look to your ear. This earphone made with plastic design with magnets. Magnet holds the earphone inside the charging case.

During walk the earphone do not lose or do not fall to your ears. Sometimes you busy in work and earphone wires irritates you so this earphone designed without any wire you can easily finished work without any disturbance. The earphone is very simple and beautiful. The earphone look like a round capsules. The headphone is fully black in color. This design is capable for all age groups.


This earphone includes Bluetooth 5.0 advanced technology. Bluetooth connectivity is best which gives you more entertainment. Through Bluetooth you can connect this Earphone with your smartphone, PC and also connect with vehicle amplifier. After pairing all calls you can receive and listen with the earphone. During connectivity you don’t need to carry your smartphone in the House or Office.

This gives proper range to the connectivity. Earphone tells every notification of the smartphone when it connects. With the Bluetooth you can listens song or listen movie voice. During connects this earphone the other person no irritates or disturbs. One interesting thing in the earphone, the right earphone connects with the smartphone and left earphone connects with the right. So you can wear only single right earphone if you want. The connection of the Bluetooth is very smooth and there is no interruption of signals.


Battery plays important role in the QCY T1C earphones. This earphone packs with large battery capacity. This earphone power consumption is very low. The earphone takes 3 hours on one charge. The left earphone takes less power than right earphone. The earphone compatible with iOS system supports display of the battery level. You can use this earphone for two weeks if you use 1-2 hours each time. When you listen continue music on the earphone they give you 4 hours and 30 minutes.


The battery capacity is best when you traveling you don’t need to charge the earphone again and again. The battery capacity of the earphone is 380mAh. After 100% charged the earphone holder can charge the earphones four times. If you don’t use the earphone over ten hours a day, then you don’t need to charge for one week.

When earphones on charging red lights light turn on, when they complete charging white light turn on and switch off in a minute. You can talk 1 – 2 hours continuously and the standby time of the battery is 2-3 hours.


Sound Quality-

The sound quality gives you clear sound without any disturbance. QCY T1C earphone gives you high definition audio output brings you the crystal clear sound quality and provides 3D stereo music with you can more enjoy. The sound comes out from both earphone and you don’t need to worry about the stability of the connection. The sound frequency of the earphone is very well and flexible. QCY T1C earphone offers much better sound quality than other earphones at the same price range. This earphones support AAC and SBC formats. During call other earphones do not provide clear voice in noisy environment, but this QCY T1C earphone provides you clear call quality in noisy environment.  


Dimensions include the product weight is 0.0400kg and product size is 3.00 x 2.30 x 1.80 cm. The package weight of the device 0.1380 kg and the package size is 16.60 x 7.00 x 3.60 cm. Dimensions very helpful to know the device properly.

Package content-

This consider in the package 1 x Pair of Earphones, 1 x Charging bin, 3 x Pair of car caps (Small, large and medium size), 1 x charging cable and 1 x English user manual which is best thing to increase your knowledge about earphone. No other company provides you more accessories in the package than QCY.   

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