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Redmi Watch Review: Setting A New Standard For Low-End Smartwatches

Nowadays, in addition to smartphones, smart wearable devices are also very popular digital products. Among them, smartwatches are the most important part. Redmi has launched smart bracelets before, bringing the price of smart bracelets to a price of less than one hundred yuan. This has won many praises and users’ favor. And this time, Redmi once again took advantage of the victory to bring everyone the Redmi Watch. It has many powerful advantages in health and sports monitoring. Plus, it comes with more comprehensive practical functions, such as high-precision six-axis sensors. This smartwatch supports 7 sports modes, 50 meters waterproof, covering daily sports scenes, etc.

Redmi Watch

However, there are many interesting features our protagonist comes with. So let’s dig deeper.

Redmi Watch Design: Ultra-lightweight small square screen design

Although the Redmi Watch is not a smartwatch positioned at the flagship high-end niche, it is still very distinctive in appearance.

In terms of design, the Redmi Watch is positioned as a “BASIC” product. The square design and convenient replaceable strap design make it have the most classic appearance design of a smartwatch.

The net weight of the entire watch is only 35g, including the body 22g and straps of 13g. The watch is also very light to wear on the hand, especially in the winter when wearing thick clothes. With a thin and fashionable design, it is suitable for many kinds of occasion wear.

The Redmi Watch comes with a 1.4-inch high-definition display. The surface is covered with a 2.5D glass. Its pixel density is as high as 323ppi. The display content is clear and delicate, bringing a very clear display effect, and the picture is real and vivid.

Redmi Watch

In addition to the all-weather display function, there is no need to raise your hand to brighten the screen. The dial can display the current time, day of the week and exercise steps anytime and anywhere.

The square screen design makes it easier read when displaying text content. Compared with a circular surface of the same diameter, it has a larger display area, and browsing information is more efficient.

Redmi Watch

Viewed from the side, the small square screen of this Redmi Watch is also very slim, without a heavy feeling at all.

There are not too many buttons on the watch body. Only one button is designed for turning on/off, turning on the screen, and returning to the main screen.

Redmi Watch

This Redmi Watch is available in 3 colors – elegant black, ivory white, and ink blue. The watch also uses a Nordic minimalist design, and introduces the Morandi color system, especially the strap. Cherry pink and pine needle green are two more vibrant colors. But this time, we got the elegant black version, which is very atmospheric and restrained. It is very suitable for men, women and children.

This smartwatch is very comfortable to wear, on the one hand because it is very light, on the other hand, because the strap is made of TPU skin-friendly material and hot bending process.

Redmi Watch

In terms of health monitoring, the small square screen of Redmi Watch can monitor heart rate changes 24 hours a day. It can also remember the resting heart rate of the past 30 days, helping us understand long-term changes in health problems.

Redmi Watch

Redmi Watch Performance: Rich functions and smooth use

Thanks to the square screen design, the Redmi Watch can display more information than a round screen of the same diameter. In addition to the default dial, it can also get more than 120 customized dials.

Redmi Watch

After installing your favorite dial, you can also select and switch directly on the watch

Of course, if we want to experience the more complete functions, we can download the “Xiaomi Wearable app” on the smartphone and use it together. We can not only check our health status, sports and trajectories, but also set the function of the smartwatch.

Redmi Watch

The Redmi Watch also has three functions: sleep monitoring, effective standing monitoring, and breathing training.

It helps you to understand your sleep status and maintain adequate physical strength; count the effective number of standings, encourage the reduction of sedentary sitting, and develop good habits; provide professional breathing guidance to calm daily stress.

In terms of performance, the Redmi Watch is equipped with a high-precision six-axis sensor, which can accurately capture every movement state. With the movement algorithm, it can comprehensively record your movement data, which is more convenient for targeted training.

It supports 7 sports modes, namely outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, walking, swimming in the pool, and free activities.

Abundant exercise modes and precise monitoring functions can accurately capture our trajectory, heart rate, etc. during exercise, allowing us to better understand the state of the body during exercise.

Redmi Watch

The built-in NFC chip on the Redmi Watch can change your watch into a bus card and door card in seconds. It currently supports bus systems in 270+ cities across the country, and you can also use Alipay QR code to pay offline.

Redmi Watch

In addition, this watch can be used for a week with a single charge, without frequent charging, and the long battery life mode can also extend the battery life to 12 days.

The watch adopts the form of sliding up and down, left and right to switch functions, sliding up the screen can quickly set the watch’s functions, sliding down the screen to view notification messages on the phone, sliding left and right to switch between functions such as weather, heart rate, exercise, etc. Switch.


In general, the Redmi Watch is not only super cost-effective, but also makes the threshold of smartwatches lower. And it is more important to set standards for entry-level smartwatches.

Redmi Watch

Its built-in functions also provide a lot of convenience for our daily life. At the same time, the official price of 299 yuan is considered “really fragrant” for such a smartwatch.

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