Sony MT300 soundbar review: Small family home audio must have

Compared with the past, modern smart TVs are not progressing in all aspects. For example, with the popularity of TV design “ultra-thinning”, the volume of the built-in speaker is inevitably sacrificed, which leads to a decline in the quality of TV audio.

Compared with the past, modern smart TVs are not progressing in all aspects. For example, with the popularity of TV design “ultra-thinning”, the volume of the built-in speaker is inevitably sacrificed, which leads to a decline in the quality of TV audio. So Sony MT300 soundbar is a must-have product for small families.


In order to solve this problem, some TV manufacturers have separated the speaker system from the TV body to make a separate audio “split machine” to enhance the audio effect; another part of the manufacturer has played the “screen sound” black technology ( Typical is Sony’s OLED TV A1 series). But most of these are special designs that are expensive for the ultra-large screen flagship product. For most users whose budget is not enough and their family space is not so big, to enhance the sound of the TV, adding external audio is the only way to solve the problem.

What is soundbar

It is in response to this demand that soundbar came into being. This type of TV soundbar is often designed with a long strip, suspended or placed under the TV. It designs the multi-channel speaker in a single housing, and the sound is generated by the different angles of the speaker and the reflection of the wall to form a multi-channel effect.

Sony MT300 soundbar

Soundbar’s Advantage

Compared with the early traditional multi-channel speaker-type home theater, the echo wall is much smaller in volume and price. The most important thing is that it does not need to be entangled and can be easily used without professional audio knowledge. This is why we tested the Sony HT-MT300 soundbar wall today: This year’s newly released home audio product is Sony’s current most cost-effective home audio system.

Sony MT300 Appearance

Get the MT300, we can see from the outer packaging that it is different from the regular home theater and even some of the high-quality soundbar in the past: In fact, the MT300 was originally designed for small and modern people, maintaining sound quality and At the same time as the channel experience, the volume is optimized to the greatest extent.

Sony MT300 Soundbar’s Body

Taking out the soundbar body, the exquisite impression is even stronger. Like the other Sony soundbars, the MT300 consists of a strip-shaped multi-channel projection sound and a wireless subwoofer. Let’s first take a look at the strip sound section – the main control center of the MT300 is also inside.。

Sony MT300 soundbar

Small Size

First of all, the first feeling of Sony MT300 is small, light, its size is about 500 × 54 × 103 (mm), the weight is about 1.4Kg, even children can easily move. In fact, this is the smallest soundbar of Sony Audio.

What are the special benefits of such a small volume? In addition to being easy to adapt to the small-sized home style, it will not be placed directly under some space-constrained TVs – this is even more important.

Of course, the small size does not mean that the design is simple. The speaker protection net cover on the front of the MT300 uses a large-area metal punching process. The bends and the joints with the fuselage are seamlessly combined to show the style that the big factory should have. . At the top of the fuselage, it is the surface treatment of the imitation leather – the touch-type buttons are also hidden here so that the audio is a bit less digital and more home-friendly.

Sony MT300 LED Indicators

In addition, a plurality of LED lights for indicating the working mode and interface condition is hidden in the upper middle portion of the front side of the sound: the advantage of this design is that the state of the indicator light can be seen from the front or the top. From the identification of these indicators, we can also roughly see the MT300’s various connection modes and sound effects.

Sony MT300 soundbar

Interface Meets Daily Needs

After reading the basic appearance, let’s take a closer look at the MT300’s interface and connection settings. Although the MT300 is positioned as a TV stereo, its use is not so simple.

Sony MT300 soundbar

On the back of the MT300 EV, we can see four physical interfaces. They are USB, optical fiber, AUX (3.5 mm analog input), and power supply. This means that it supports USB disk playback, TV digital audio signal input, and mobile phones. There are three wired connection modes of Player analog signal. Choosing fiber 4 input is the best way to achieve sound quality.

Connect Phones

After the connection is successful, we can see the current interface status of the echo wall in the application interface. And the volume, the playlist. You can even adjust the internal sound system directly. Don’t look at the MT300, but the sound is not sloppy – ClearAudio, surround, bass boost, night mode, and so on.


In general, after actually experiencing the Sony MT300 soundbar, I am quite admired for the technical strength it shows. It is small in size and very affordable. The latest technology and the final sense of hearing are very good value. Its easy-to-use design also allows non-music enthusiasts to get started quickly, bringing new joy to home audio-visual entertainment.

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