Stone Smart Floor Scrubber U10 Review

What is the best for household cleaning? Sweeping robots and hand-held vacuum cleaners can perform floor dust removal and wet mopping, but they are just simple cleaning and cannot avoid secondary pollution caused by dirty water. For cleaning controllers, if you want to pursue true deep cleansing, running water is an indispensable part of the cleaning process.

Prior to this, many were preparing a basin of water to clean the rags when wiping the floor. And such heavy labor is not what people are looking for currently. So we now have a more labor-saving and convenient choice, which is the trump card of household floor cleaning-floor scrubber.

We are all familiar with the Stone technology. After successively launching sweeping robots and wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, it has also developed a strong interest in floor scrubbers. So we decided to review its first product from this niche – Stone smart floor scrubber U10. It comes with multiple technologies, so it can be described as the representative of deep floor cleaning.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10 adopts a double-brush head design “inward rolling” driven by a 100W motor to ensure the floor cleaning effect. Also, it uses two different driving methods to ensure 100% complete coverage of the ground under the combination of two brush heads.

More importantly, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 can not only clean the floor, but also self-clean. The built-in 304 stainless steel scraper will continuously remove stains and dirty water on the roller brush to achieve real-time continuous cleaning.

After the self-cleaning mode is turned on, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 will also increase the water volume and suction power, and more thoroughly clean the brush head and pipes.

In addition, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 also incorporates a lot of smart settings in the design.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10 Design

The style of the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 is very similar to the common scrubbers on the market. It adopts a dual brush head design. The upper two huge water tanks are used to store purified water and sewage. All parts adopt the button quick disassembly design.

The two brush heads are driven by the central drive and the side drive respectively. The combination of the two during cleaning can achieve 100% full coverage of the ground without worrying about cleaning dead spots.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

In addition, the dual brush heads are designed with a low speed and high torque, which has stronger contact with the ground, and at the same time, the boosting effect is more obvious when used, and the cleaning effect is better and it is more labor-saving.

The joint adopts two mutually perpendicular rotating shafts to form a universal shaft, which makes the rotation of the brush head more flexible.

The capacity of the sewage tank is not small, and the pure black and transparent design can know the water level while avoiding all kinds of dirt and glaring.

There is also a filter on the top of the sewage tank, which can block various solid dirt from entering the upper air duct and affect the operation of the fan.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

After disassembling the sewage bucket, there is an obvious dry and wet separation inside. When taking out, the solid contaminants will be taken out with the bracket on the right side, while the dirty water will remain on the cover on the left side, which is convenient for the user to treat the two types of contaminants separately.

There is an LED screen on the top of the water purification tank, which can display information such as working gear and remaining power.

The control buttons are concentrated on the top handle, including the power button, mode switch, and self-cleaning switch.

In addition, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 has a dedicated vertical charging base, which has both charging and storage functions. The self-cleaning of the scrubber can also be completed on the base.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

The Stone smart floor scrubber U10 also comes with a disinfectant and a cleaning stick, which can help you perform thorough sterilization and cleaning on a daily basis.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10 Functions

The design of the brush head is exquisite. The two brush heads rotate inward together, which not only has the effect of secondary cleaning, but also greatly improves the suction capacity of various dry and wet garbage on the ground.

The traditional single scrubber can only throw the garbage from the front to the horizontal suction port at the back. The air duct needs to turn before entering the sewage bucket above. The suction power is easy to lose, and there is a high probability that garbage is missed.

With a dual brush design, the rear brush head can have a good synergy effect. The vertical air outlet in the middle is very short, the suction loss is smaller, and the garbage is more efficient.

In addition, the brush head of the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 also adopts a double extension design.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

The front side of the brush head is driven by the side, which perfectly covers the center; the rear brush head is driven by the center, and there is no gap for cleaning on both sides.

The combination of the two brush heads has no dead ends when cleaning the floor, even in the corners of the wall.

The front end of the roller brush also comes with an infrared sensor, which can detect the dirt on the ground in real time.

Switching the working gear of the scrubber to Auto can realize the automatic adjustment of the gear according to the dirt on the ground.

Three modes correspond to three usage scenarios. When switching, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 will also have voice prompts. Even the elderly who don’t know much about electrical appliances can quickly get started through the voice prompts.

In addition, in terms of battery life, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10, as a handheld wireless electrical appliance, still inherits the excellent design of other previous works.

It uses a power lithium battery as an energy source, and is equipped with a large battery pack with a total power of up to 5000mAh. In automatic mode, the battery life can reach about 35 minutes, which is enough to clean a large room of 280 square meters.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10 Actual Use

Let’s actually experience the cleaning ability of the Stone smart floor scrubber U10. The first is basic floor cleaning.

The cleaning feature of the floor scrubber is that although a large amount of running water is used, the waste is directly recycled by the air blower. So it will not leave too many water stains when cleaning the floor.

After mopping, the floor looks only slightly moist and can be air-dried soon.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

When in use, the flexibility of the shaft of the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 is also impressive. Compared with the traditional scrubber, the omni-directional rotation can only rotate by a small number of front and back and left and right, and it will be more convenient to clean all kinds of horns.

For example, when cleaning the space under the table, you can directly put the hand lever down sideways and push it forward and backward, because the roller brush itself provides the power to move forward and backward.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

The “big problem” such as cleaning up dried coffee stains is nothing to mention for the Stone smart floor scrubber U10.

In the first pass, most stains are cleaned, leaving only a few dry and heavy stains, and in the second pass, it can be thoroughly cleaned without leaving any traces.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

And the common stains such as ketchup can be cleaned up only once. From simple dust removal and moisturizing the floor, to dried coffee stains to soy sauce, dust and other heavy stains, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 has no problem cleaning these common household dirt.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

Put the scrubber on the charging stand to start the self-cleaning mode. The two roller brushes will quickly rotate one after another, and at the same time, water will be discharged from the top to clean the mop on the surface of the roller brush. After that, clean water will be used to forcefully flush the pipes to thoroughly clean the air duct and the inner wall of the barrel.

Stone smart floor scrubber U10

Therefore, in terms of daily maintenance, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 will not make you too worried. All you need to do is empty the sewage bucket and replenish the water source. The most troublesome steps such as removing and washing the mop and cleaning the pipeline are completely unnecessary.

The Bottom Line

Unlike sweeping robots, wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, etc., floor scrubbers have unparalleled cleanliness in floor cleaning.

Unlike the common floor scrubbers on the market, the Stone smart floor scrubber U10 can be described as not only more powerful in design, but also better in all aspects of detail.

Compared with traditional brooms, mops, and even steam mops, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots and other products that have emerged in recent years, floor scrubbers have developed to the extreme in terms of “floor cleaning”. The Stone smart floor scrubber U10 is even the best among many scrubbers.

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