Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 Review: Vacuum cleaner with Roller Brush

Xiaomi is an electronics company which is based in China and has its headquarters in Beijing. It makes a lot of elegant and amazing electronic products and is specialized in making smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and other electronic products. Some of its other unique electronic products are electric scooters and vacuum cleaners. Xiaomi became China’s biggest smartphone company in the year 2014. At the moment, it is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone company. It is determined to deliver its customers with the best quality of products. Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is an anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner provided by the company.

It is very handy and has a very sleek design. It is considered to be one of the best in its segment. There are a lot of other products which tend to compete with it. But, in terms of quality, it can never be beaten as it is the best. Without wasting more time, let us hop onto the features and specifications this amazing product is load with.

Although the company is specialized in making smartphones and phone tablets, it is not just about smartphones. It has a wide variety of other products to offer. A very sleek and compact such electronic device is its vacuum cleaner.

Features and Specifications:

There are a lot of features which make this vacuum cleaner worth a lot of praise.


The company has come up with a very simple and portable design. Xiomi Jimmy JV11 comes with a very transparent yet durable design to check the proper functioning of the machine. It comes with a small handle with the dust cup attached to it to enhance its compact nature and lighten the weight.

Small Air vents are also provided behind the vacuum to enhance the productivity of the machine. The air vents suck in the cool air to cool down the internal parts.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

Power and Voltage

The first key feature is its Power rating. The Power rating of this vacuum cleaner is exactly 350 Watt. In addition to it, the Rated Voltage is about 220 Volts which means that you can use this compact vacuum cleaner without worrying about your electricity bills as the power it consumes is fair as compared to the other vacuum cleaners in the segment. The round brush is 4Kpa. You can get the best cleaning experience without burning a hole in your pocket. With a total power of 350 Watt and a suction inlet which is as wide as 22 cm, the vacuum cleaner provides very strong suction.

Filter separation:

A very unique feature about this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a filter separation technology which helps the user to keep away from secondary pollution. Its this feature is a result of it’s patented technology, which as the company calls the multi-stage tornado filter technology. As a result of this advanced technology, the efficiency of separating dust from secondary pollution is 99%.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

It can very effectively and efficiently separate out fine dust particles. It is very effective in reducing secondary pollution. Hence, it is environment-friendly, and it will also cause any secondary pollution being spread in the house.

Lamp Power:

The second key feature is its lamp power. It has a UV lamp which is very amazing. The lamp power of this elegant product is near-about 6 Watt. Which gives it amazing suction power and hence, it can even be used to clean bigger parts of the house and not just the furniture. Most vacuum cleaners of this size are mainly for purposes such as cleaning the curtain and carpets and couches. This vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean bigger parts of the house, like the floor and walls.

Cord Length:

The third key feature is its cord length. The length of the power cord is 5 m which is very good. You can plug this vacuum cleaner in one part of the house and clean another part of the house without worrying about the cord getting disconnected.

The cord is very durable and can withstand stretchy conditions which are a bonus. The inlet filter is a MIF type of filter and the Air filter is a sponge. Hence, it has a fairly basic design but can function very amazingly.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

High-Frequency Tapping:

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 has a high-frequency tapping system which is rated by the company to be 14,000 times per minute. As it uses 14,000 strong beats per minute, it can easily shake the dust and the dust-mites and also the allergens in the beddings. This makes its working really efficient.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is so good that it does not even leave dust mites and allergens in the most narrow areas. Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 can clean the most narrow areas of the house with ease. It can also clean between the narrow and fine fibers of the carpets and curtains.

Roller Brush:

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 has a composite roller brush. The diameter of the roller brush is about 35 mm and hence, it is really effective. The composite roller brush is also spiral. This increases the strength of the vacuum cleaner and makes it very durable. It can harsh condition to some extent. The roller brush also has an anti-static top and a soft brush strip.

As the suction vent is really long, it can also suck the pollutants drawn into the fuselage. The soft rubber strips on its brush are considered to be more effective than the other usually used brushes. These brushes have no dead angle spiral tapping technology. This technology takes good care of all the details. Hence, the mites removal is more thorough.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

UV sterilization:

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 uses a professional UV sterilization. It is very effective in eliminating mites and pathogens. Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is specially designed to eradicate all types of small allergens. It uses a 253.7 nm wavelength of UV rays in order to sterilize an area completely from the harmful dust mites and even smaller allergens.

The UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp is of 160 mm. It can even kill aphids and bacteria which are present in the quilt. We don’t know about what is inside out beds and our quilts, but it can detect them and kill them very effectively. It is at the bottom of the fuselage. It uses the UV rays (of above-specified dimensions) which can even kill the mites whose photos are taken.


As it is known by all that UV rays can be very harmful to the human body. Exposure of UV rays on the human body for a long time can even cause cancer as UV rays can damage the Genetic material (which is known as DNA) in our skin cells. As this vacuum cleaner uses UV sterilizations for effective cleaning, harmful effects of UV also have to be considered. So, in order to prevent the leakage of UV radiations this vacuum uses a very clever method.

The UV lamps have a strategic photographic technology which prevents the leakage of UV and ensure the safety of the user. The vacuum cleaner comes with a pre-loaded intelligent sensitization technology which helps to prevent UV leakage. This makes it very safe to use and keeps the consumer out of danger of any kinds, caused by UV.

Scratch Resistance:

Another good feature about this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a highly protective coil fabric. Vacuum Cleaners are usually prone to scratches and scrapes. When you use a vacuum cleaner in a congested place it spoils the nature and beauty of the body by scratches.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

Even it’s composite roller brush is protected by a coiled fabric. This makes it immune to wear and tear to a great extent. Its surface is not easily damaged by scratching which means, it is scratch resistant and can resist minor scratches.


Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 has a large dust cup capacity. Most vacuum cleaners of this size have very small dust-cup capacity but this vacuum cleaner does not fail to impress even in this aspect. The dust-cup capacity is of 0.4 L which is fairly large for a vacuum cleaner of this size which is designed to be handheld.

The type of Dust-cup is a visualization dust-up which means that it is transparent. You can dump it even by one-touch. The cup is easily detachable and can also you can easily wash it. Hence, making the whole process really fast and convenient. This enables the user to keep clean for a longer time. The trash and dust needn’t be dumped again and again due to its large capacity. And hence, it makes the use more hygienic.

Dimensions and Weight:

The product is very handy and compact in comparison to other vacuum cleaners of this range. The material used by the company makes it weigh for 2.3400 Kg. The total package received will be weighing for around 3.0000kg

The size of the Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is 35.00 x 28.50 x 22.10 cm / 13.78 x 11.22 x 8.7 inches with respect to Length x Breadth x Height . The size of the package will be around 16.00 x 13.00 x 12.00 cm / 6.3 x 5.12 x 4.72 inches with respect to the Length x Breadth x Height.


Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

A very excellent feature which gives it another edge over the other vacuum cleaners is the amount of noise it makes. It uses a very high precision motor which ensures silence. In addition to this, it also comes with multiple shock absorption. It also uses noise reduction technology which makes it really silent than the rest of the vacuum cleaners of the segment.  The amount of noise it makes is very low, and it never exceeds the value of 78 dB. So, in a nutshell, it is a very silent vacuum cleaner. It won’t cause any disturbance to anyone.

Applications and Benefits:

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 vacuum cleaner is very small. The gadget is about half the size of its larger counterparts. It is really compact and has a really sleek design which makes it really easy to carry around. You can also store the gadget really easily in places like a corner or a shelf, a closet or in the kitchen cabinet or in the pantry, laundry room, etc. Xiaomi Jimmy JV11It has a very lightweight which enables its consumers to carry it around the house for some on-the-spot vacuuming. You can also carry the new Xiaomi Jimmy up the stairs without worrying about it falling.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is particularly good and advantageous for old and elderly users. The elderly users might struggle with heavy and bulky equipment. On the other hand, even you can put every toddler to work with this. It can even clean at places and many things which you are not able to clean and you should not clean them by using a larger vacuum cleaner. The large vacuum cleaners can damage the wooden flooring, but this short, lightweight vacuum cleaner cause no harm. It is better at cleaning baseboards, corners, and underneath furniture and stairs.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

Another benefit of this vacuum cleaner is that it is very easy to maintain and it does not run on a battery. This vacuum cleaner does not come with a bag so the trash is really easy to dump. There is no need to buy any extra pieces of equipment like stockpile bags, etc.  You can also change the filters really easily and can wash without a problem. It is really affordable as you can buy it at a fair price of $109 and it is easily available in a lot of countries.

 Final Take:

The eventual verdict concludes with a best in the class tag. Xiaomi has not failed to meet with its customer’s expectations of providing a high-quality product. The Vacuum cleaner by Xiomi is an affordable product. It offers you the best features which other portable and handy vacuum cleaners can’t provide. The best feature promised by the company is that it eliminates hundred percent of the dust mites and allergens by the UV radiations. The portability adds a star batch on the product. The build quality provided by the company is just commendable. Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is a highly recommended product and it offers more than its price tag.

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