Xiaomi move it smart fitness set Review: An Indoor Fitness Set

Xiaomi is the best brand for their products. Many products are available of Xiaomi in the market. All products are designed with high technology. This company increase very fast for good quality products and Xiaomi make the place in the people heart. Now Xiamoi launch Xiaomi move it smart fitness. This is the reflected in the new addition of sports product. This fitness set is monitorable through an app on the mobile called Xiaomi Move it.  

Xiaomi move it smart fitness is best for your physical training and fitness. Xiaomi is a larger chain of the company which supplies the products of the wholesaler. The company makes the Smartphones which run on their own version of Android MIUI firmware. Also make home products etc. Many employees work in this company and many engineers also work. Xiaomi’s logo Mi is short for Mobile Internet since Xiaomi was to be a mobile-first technology company. Xiaomi was criticized by users because of its hunger marketing strategies.

Move it smart firness set

Design –  

Xiaomi has spent a few years in the niche of sports gadgets. Xiaomi moves its fitness intelligent equipment which is used for various exercises. The equipment of the xiaomi move it is composed of four sets of pieces of plastic and aluminum attached to a single housing which can be stored comfortably in any space of the home. The total weight of this product is 6.5 kg which is extremely manageable. Smart fitness has abdominal wheel roller Jump rope pushup exercise tools.

All types of equipment are strong holding handles which handles use for during exercise provides support to your hands. This product has a long lasting battery. There are seven sensors accurately record the motion data. The sensors work when you do exercise and sensors note down your exercise time and show on the monitor. Tailor-made interactive training courses, professional coaches give personal guidance. This is the compact size and less space occupied. Also, this is easy to carry.

Move it smart firness set

The package of smart fitness set comes with two smart handles for holding and handle provide you support during exercise. Two pieces if pushups provide growth to your muscles. For abdominal exercise, this kit provides you one abdominal wheel roller with this wheel roller you can weight loss and keep fit to your abdomen. For jumping, this gives you two ropes. Ropes help you for increasing your stamina and help to keep fit your body. For charging this product this kit provides you charging cable and adapter.

Feature and function –     

Move it smart fitness set gives a good shape to your muscles and to your body. The combination rack is 399.1 x 276.4 x 146.7mm (height x Width x Depth), 656g. The charging base is 46.7 x 143.3 x 122.4mm (height x Width x Depth) 326g. Intelligent handle value is 160 x 36.2mm (Length x Width), 129g. This is very compact and versatile since it can integrate diverse accessories that allow realizing a great number of exercises of different wingspan.

Xiaomi move it provides you different types of exercises. The Xiaomi move it 7 different types of high precision sensors that are built in to identify the users exercise status. Sensors also analyze the actions are correct or not. Seven sensors are a touch sensor, Six-axis sensor, pressure sensor, tension sensor, photoelectric encoder, and infrared ranging and infrared reflection sensor. Abdominal wheel roller is 182 x 200.3mm (Width x Depth), 835g. Pushup device is 108.8 x 170.2mm (Height x Depth), 493g. The bungee cord is 399.1 x 276.4 x 146.7mm (height x Width x Depth), 656g. Jump rope is 72.9 x 35mm (Length x Depth), 42g. The size is 402.2 x 381.1 x 209.3mm (Height x Width x Depth).

Move it smart firness set

Specifically, the handle includes 6-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, a capacitive sensor for touch, pressure and voltage sensor, infrared alignment and infrared distance measurement. The radio frequency is 2.4 GHz which can record up to 41 different movements.

Xiaomi move it smart fitness Specification –

This move fitness set feedback real-time data. This is multifunctional aerobic and anaerobic. Built-In battery 500mAh Li-ion and battery works 10 hours. The charging time of the battery is 3 hours. The package weight is 6.8000kg and product weight is 6.5000kg. These smart fitness instruments Key to having a healthy life. With this smart fitness equipment both you can enjoy and can keep fit to your body. This kit is a type of gym. You can everywhere and every time did exercise with this kit equipments.

Move it smart firness set

This kit gives a refined touch very attractive to users. You can keep this kit in any corner of your home. With this kit, you have all which needs you in the gym for exercise. This product is good for the sports person. There is a Bluetooth connection that connects us to the Android or iOS mobile by means of the Move.

Xiaomi move it smart fitness Review –  

Xiaomi move it smart fitness is designed with a strong base and material. With this product, you do not need to go to the gym. This is a very lightweight product and you can easily hold. Smart fitness kit provides good shape to your body. This kit is both for men and women. This smart fitness kit is eco-friendly. No need to Charge for long hours without charging this works many hours. This easily connects to your smart phone for during work shows you your exercise reading time and also show your way to correct or not.

Move it smart firness set

This is a smart multi-purpose kit. With this kit equipment, you can easily move your body to every side. Xiaomi fitness is a sports device that allows you to track your athletic and fitness activities without the need for a specific place and time. At low cost, you can get a full-featured device and get to your ideal model. This xiaomi set gives you a combination of smart handles and four light mechanical devices that provide you with the full range of exercise based on your needs.

Move it smart firness set

You can track, motivate and share your workout with your friends. It also allows you to create challenges and visualize information in real time of what your opponents are doing.

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