Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment Review, price and Specs

There is hardly any area in the smart and electronic gadgets industry where Xiaomi is lacking behind or has no presence. Now, it has hit the market with its newly-designed fitness equipment, Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Smart Fitness Equipment for indoor fitness activities.

During the last few years, Xiaomi has covered almost all the spheres of the technology industry and have brought a massive range of quality-rich products at affordable prices.

In the present scenario, we all are living hectic life schedule aiming at life goals achievement. We are involved deeply in livelihood activities and have no time for personal assistance.

In other words, we barely have time to perform some activities targeted at our physical health and fitness. In the busy schedule, we have no time to go to a gym or walking outside.

Realizing this need, many smart gadget manufacturers have brought smart fitness equipment in the market to use at home. Xiaomi is no doubt, is among the top-rated manufacturers in the industry and this time it has a unique walking pad with some smart technicalities.

This is the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 review article, in which we will explicate various methodologies and the latest working algorithms of the device. Let’s learn its features in brief first before moving to the detailed study.

The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Smart Electric Fitness Equipment: A Brief Specs Overview

The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 is an indoor fitness equipment designed with plenty of advanced features. The portable fitness device comes in a foldable design to save space while carrying it at home.

Further, the gym fitness machine is made of aluminum alloy frame to ensure lightweight and space-saving. You can control the speed as per your family member’s requirements. You can run the device at 2 km/h for slow walking, to take a walk, you can operate it at 4 km/h and for quick walking, you can set the speed at 6 km/h.

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment

Similarly, the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 fitness device adopts a digital display to present real-time data of your speed and other functions. Notably, it is also attachable to a smartphone app to keep a record of your overall health improvements.

The multi-layer design involves EVA cushioning layer, friction layer, smooth layer and walking belt to avoid any accident during the exercise.

Internally, the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 electric equipment runs on the 220V voltage and 746W rated power. Moreover, the minimum and maximum speed of the walking pad is 0.5 km/h and 6.0 km/h respectively.

As per the physical dimensions, it weighs only 22 kg while the physical parameters are 1449x528x114mm in unfolded shape and 855x528x140mm in folded shape.

Similarly, the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 walking machine is best for the people aging between 12-60 years.

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment

The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Smart Electric Fitness Gym Indoor Equipment Review: Full Features and Specifications in Detail

Now is the time to explore various features and qualities of the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 machine in detail. Let’s enjoy.

Design and Build

The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 is designed with the aluminum alloy frame to ensure durability and lightweight body. Further, the portable design also provides a folding facility to space the space at home. It allows you to store the machine conveniently under the sofa, table, TV stand, bed, chair and any other similar place.

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment

Similarly, the electric walking pad fitness machine configures a multi-layer design like smooth layer, friction layer, EVA cushioning layer and a walking belt. It prevents any possible accident during the exercise and serves you with a fully secured and safe fitness session.

The white-colored body with black-colored walking belt creates ergonomic design and texture. You can conveniently use it at home while watching TV or any other home chore.

As per the physical status of the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1, it comes with 1200x400mm walking area for effective operations. The walking platform height is 67mm and it can bear the maximum weight of up to 110kg.

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment

Similarly, the physical dimensions of the machine are 1449x528x114mm and 855x528x140mm on unfolding and folding shape respectively. Moreover, it weighs only 22 kg.

Multiple Walking Modes

The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 electric fitness equipment offers multiple walking modes to the users. As the product is specially designed for the whole family, so, its speed is adjustable as per the user’s requirements.

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment

We can switch between the three major sports modes. First is the Slow Walking, in which we can set the speed at 2 km/h. Further is the Take A Walk Mode to walk at 4 km/h and the third is the Quick Walking mode to enjoy the speed of 6 km/h.

Hence, you can adjust the speed as per the health needs and see the fitness improvements over time.

Display and App Control

Being the product of the modern age, the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 carries some remarkable features for the clients. On the forehead, you will get an LED display. It will present the real-time data of your fitness, speed etc.

Similarly, the fitness machine can also be attached to your smartphone through an Android and IOS app. it will show you the calories burned and related information to set further health targets.

Easy to Store

You can regard this feature of Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 machine as one of the best features. Usually, when we owe any fitness or gym equipment in our home, it requires lots of space to store.

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment

But this is not as in case of the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1. Thanks to the portable, flexible and folding design of the machine, which allows you to store it in any corner of your home. After folding it, you can store it under your TV stand, bed, sofa, chair, table or any other furniture item. It requires very less space at 0.44 m2 to store.

The Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Fitness Equipment Review: Motor

The electric gym equipment hosts a high-power and robust motor to give the machine required speed and momentum. It has a motor with 220V voltage and 746W rated power.

Correspondingly, the motor is capable of providing a minimum speed of 0.5 km/h as well as the maximum speed of 6.0 km/h.

The motor also gives three running modes like Standby Mode, Constant Speed Mode, and Automatic Mode.

Hence, the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 machine is fully capable of performing fitness tasks for each family member with desired speed and motion.


You may think this fully-loaded smart fitness and gym equipment to be an expensive deal. But trust me it is not so as Xiaomi always proposes to serve its customer-base with affordable and pocket-friendly products.

Ultimately, the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 fitness equipment will cost you only $389.99 after 22% off on the Gearbest store. Click to buy now:


After going through the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 electric fitness gym equipment review, we can undoubtedly say that it is a perfect device to use at home for fitness activities. The aluminum alloy frame confirms a lightweight and flexible design for quick and easy storage.

Similarly, the machine can also be connected to the smart sports app to get real-time fitness data. If you are a daily job-doing person or a housewife and doesn’t have time for outdoor physical activities, then the Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 could be a great solution for you.

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