Xiaomi Water Purifier Review – Why Are They The Best?

Xiaomi Water Purifier Installation

On the installation of Xiaomi water purifier, the author does not elaborate, just need to make an appointment to install, after-sales personnel will soon door-to-door installation. The whole process is very fast, you do not understand where they will also tell you.

Of course, the manual also has a schematic diagram of the installation, you can also easily install. Here to mention a few points, the waste water of the concentrated water pipe must remember to install, otherwise the flow of water will be too slow. There are red pins at many interfaces, which is a delicate design.  The installation and replacement of the filter element is also very simple, you can see on the front, open the dust cover, align with the slot rotation, you can also easily operate.

After the installation of the equipment needs to start cleaning filter elements and circuits, and we should put more water out to use.

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