Xiaomi Water Purifier Review – Why Are They The Best?

User experience and Smart functionality

Connecting the Mi Smart Water Purifier is a very simple process — press and hold the Switch and Reset buttons and the device will go into pairing mode. Open the Mi Smart Home app, sign-in, add a device and the water purifier should show up. Throughout the period of its use in our office, it connected very quickly with the app once the main plug was turned on and the device booted up.

So how was the purification performance during this past one year? In our opinion, it was very good. This water purifier can reduce 90% of the TDS from the input water. And this remained pretty much true during our usage. During our initial review, we got an output TDS value of anywhere between 40-48 ppm from an input TDS value of 800-950 ppm. The latter calculates to a purification level of well above 90%. After nearly a year of use, the output TDS level in the app now shows a value of 61 ppm for the same input water, which still is above 90%.

Water Purifier

With constant daily use, the filters can last an entire year, however with the pandemic causing our office to shut down for many months, the filters in the water purifier remained largely unused.

So once the office opened up, did we need to replace our filters? Thankfully no. A cool feature in the Mi Home app is the ability to show the filter’s quality. And also provide warnings when the filter quality is low. All of our three filters showed 75% in the app. So we didn’t bother with changing them. We also did not require the separately-sold pre-filters as our input water levels were not absurdly high. But if you need it, you have the option.

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