Xiaomi Water Purifier Review – Why Are They The Best?

Xiaomi Water Purifier Smart Features

Water Purifier

Like most other Xiaomi devices, the Mi Smart Water Purifier is app-enabled and you can link to the Xiaomi Home app. However, the app is more of an auxiliary tool for getting enhanced stats like TDS readings and remaining filter life. While the app is not strictly required to run the device, it is helpful in ascertaining how much water is being processed and filtered per day, the current input and output TDS readings and remaining filter life. You can use it to order replacement filters as well.

As seen from the image above, the TDS reading from the app taken a couple of weeks apart is quite similar. And it is close to the TDS reading we obtained from our TDS meter. The only feature missing from the app is the ability to turn the device on and off. But it is not really needed if the device is not being used for a long time. It’s suppose to be drain and turn off.

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