No. 9 ES1L Electric Scooter Went On Sale At 1599 yuan ($228)

On July 10, the No. 9 ES1L electric scooter was released with a typical speed of 20km/h and a typical endurance of 20km. The price is 1599 yuan ($228).

The No. 9 ES1L electric scooter adopts an aviation-grade aluminum alloy integrated body. The whole vehicle has no exposed heart and is designed in an elegant black/vigorous orange color.

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The body mass is 11kg. The sports load is 100kg. Its new 8-inch inner support hollow explosion-proof tires have special process treatment, high resilience, high shock absorption, and no tire puncture.

No. 9 ES1L electric scooter

The ES1L electric scooter of the 9th is also equipped with a front shock absorber spring. It can effectively reduce the riding bump. At the same time, it supports one-button folding. So it’s quite easy to put in the trunk of the car, or enter and exit the elevator.

The No.9 ES1L adopts special customized brushless and Hallless motor, with a peak value up to 500w, duration of use up to 3000 hours, and climbing ability of about 10°. There is a customized high-quality lithium battery of 184Wh. It also has an IPX6 level waterproof packaging process, BMS security technology support, cruising range of up to 20km, etc. The electric scooter has a speed limit as well as three modes to choose from.

The front LED driving lights can effectively illuminate a distance of up to 13.5 meters, and can be seen clearly in dark. The light of the car adopts the light-dark cut-off principle. Thus, the light source illuminates the road surface intensively.

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