Dimensity 1000+ Redmi K30 Ultra

Redmi K30 Ultra To Come With Dimensity 1000+?

We know Redmi will launch a follow up model to the Redmi K30 series. But there is still no certain information how it will be called and what features it will come with. Today, some Weibo users found an interesting information in the phone used by the Redmi product director Wang Teng. Previously, Wang Teng used the Redmi K30 Pro. But now, it seems he is using another handset. We assume it’s the new Redmi K30 Ultra.

Redmi K30 Pro

It is worth noting that the resolution of the photo taken by Wang Teng is 2340×1080, and the resolution of the Redmi K30 Pro is 2400×1080. So they speculated that it may be the new machine that Redmi is about to debut.

According to the information that has been spotted recently, Redmi’s upcoming new machine is named the Redmi K30 Ultra. And what’s more interesting, it will come with the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chip.

It is built on the 7nm process and uses ARM flagship Cortex A77 + Mali-G77 architecture design. Frequency of this octa-core CPU is up to 2.6GHz. The highly heterogeneous design APU 3.0 brings a powerful AI experience. In AnTuTu, it scored more than 530,000 points.

In addition, it is reported that the Redmi K30 Ultra uses a pop-up full-screen solution. Thus, it will be the industry’s first MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ smartphone with a pop-up screen.

We are waiting for this phone to be officially released this month. But there is still no official confirmation of this handset.


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