Xiaomi TV Master 65-inch OLED Announced At 12,999 yuan ($1840)

After becoming the first in the Chinese market, the Xiaomi TV began to enter the ultra-high-end market. As previously announced, this afternoon, the Xiaomi TV Master 65-inch OLED is officially released. This is the first product of Xiaomi TV that is truly aimed at high-end consumer groups. It has achieved the ultimate in picture quality and sound quality, and the price is only half of that of rivals.


The 65-inch OLED of Xiaomi TV Master is different from the previous Xiaomi TV. For the first time, it adopts a four-narrow-edge full-screen design, seamlessly forming a middle frame process. It presents the ultimate sense of boundlessness, making the screen accounted for 98.8%. At the same time there is no backlight module design. The thinnest part is only 4.6mm. In addition, the first use of the glass base is significantly more advanced in terms of aesthetic design and visual perception.

Xiaomi TV Master

A colorful breathing light is also added at the bottom of the screen. IT can bring users more colorful and richer interactive experience in different interaction processes. In addition, the use of this feature of the OLED self-luminous screen has joined the AOD screen display. It can currently achieve clock display, personalized signatures, weather information, and smart device status display.


In terms of screen, the Xiaomi TV Master Series uses a 65-inch OLED screen (4K resolution), full-pixel independent light control, which is infinitely close to 0-nit absolute black field. It also comes with a true 10bit professional-level color depth, 1.07 billion colors, professional display-level color accuracy Delta E1. 5, and 98.5% P3 wide color gamut. The contrast ratio is as high as 1000000:1 and the color difference is less than 1.5. ​​​​

This TV also supports 120Hz MEMC dynamic compensation. There is an AI master image quality engine, a built-in independent APU, and it supports 20+ image quality black technology, AI dynamic scene recognition, and AI deep learning algorithm.

The TV also supports 1ms instantaneous response time. There is an HDMI 2.1 interface, and it supports dynamic HDR, VRR variable refresh rate, DC dimming and professional game mode, as well as Dolby Vision certification.

Xiaomi TV Master

The interfaces on the back of Xiaomi TV Master include 2 USB interfaces, 3 HDMI interfaces (1 of which is the latest HDMI2.1), 1 AV interface, 1 ATV/DTMB interface, 1 Ethernet interface, and 1 S /PDIF (Optical Optical Fiber) interface.


The main speakers of the TV are two 12.5W full-frequency units with a sound output under the back. The sky channel is added above, and the two dome surround speakers can use the dome reflection technology to realize the sound from above, forming an immersive sound field.

The Xiaomi TV Master sports a 20W subwoofer speaker with 1.9L large sound cavity. At the same time, in order to improve the bass effect, it is also equipped with 2 passive radiators. They can achieve 50Hz ultra-low frequency. The entire “3D panoramic sound system” has a total of 9 speakers (including 2 passive radiators) with a total power of 65W.


The Xiaomi TV Master 65-inch OLED features a MTK 9650 high-end TV chip. It uses a 22nm process. Also, it and has a quad-core A73 CPU architecture + quad-core Mali G52 MC1 GPU architecture +1TOPS computing power APU. Due to the flagship chip, it can achieve breakthrough audio and video quality. TV host players are one of the core user groups of high-end TVs. Xiaomi Smart TV’s new series of OLEDs not only support the common HDR10 format of games, but also are prospectively equipped with the latest generation HDMI 2.1 standard protocol interface that supports ALLM and VRR. The 4K 120Hz screen output is not only more than enough to cope with the current mainstream game consoles, but it will also be perfectly adapted to the next-generation game consoles that will be released later.

Xiaomi TV Master

Connectivity and Operation

The 65-inch OLED of Xiaomi TV Master comes standard with NFC metal Bluetooth voice remote control, which supports one-touch screen projection of smartphones. Of course, it supports far-field voice commands. So you can do almost anything with a single sentence told to the TV.

At the same time, Xiaoai voice assistant 3.0 is built in. It comes with a new UI interface. Male voices are added for the first time. It supports continuous dialogue during voice search.


It is reported that the Xiaomi TV Master’s 65-inch OLED is priced at 12,999 yuan ($1840). It will be on sale at 10:00 on July 3 at Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi’s House, Xiaomi Youpin, JD.com, Tmall, and Suning.

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