Anet A8 Plus Aluminium Frame 3D printer now for just $279.99

The new Anet A8 Plus Aluminium Frame 3D printer is now available for purchase from the Gearbest at a very high discount.

The 3D printers are the next generation printers. And the DIY printers are the best and there are several in the DIY world which will fulfill your need for the 3D printer. Now if you are here to buy the new 3D printer, then you must be excited to note that the Anet A8 Plus is the product which will attract you the most also because of the less cost but also the features of the product.

Anet A8 Plus

Features of Anet A8 Plus

The printer is the product launched by the company after the success of many other gadgets from the Company. This product is one of the cheapest 3D DIY printers in the world. If you are non- professional or the starter, then this printer will guide you to start in the best way.

It can be a holy grain for the new users and for the newer DIY generations. The printer comes with the Cura firmware which is very easy to access and focus on passionate printing. The belts of the printer are adjustable also the loading and the unloading process is automatic.

Anet A8 Plus

The screen of the Printer is removable and will provide you the real-time information on the ongoing printing process. The best part is that you can discharge the printer without plugging. It will give the user full access over the printing and also ensure the precision and efficiency.

The new Anet A8 Plus uses the direct extruder which omits the reflection settings and it simplifies the whole process. The acrylic parts are used in the framework which works in the low temperatures.

Anet A8 Plus

The printer does not look a high professional or a high profile. As the look is normal but it comes with the added benefits of accessing every little detail and will present them in front of you.

All the parts of the Anet A8 Plus Aluminium printer are adjustable. So you can move the X-axis and the Y-axis which effectively prevents the belt from loosening and jumping.


Now you can get the new Anet A8 Plus at just $279.99. You need to use the provide coupon to get the best discount on this product.

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