Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer is now available for just $199.99

Anet is the Chinese printer manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry. Now, it has introduced its next printing machine called as Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer. It is the DIY printing machine using FDM printing technology and also supports online and offline printing.

Further, the Anet ET4 printer is made of full metal and can draw a print size of 200x200x250mm with a printing resolution of 0.1mm. The machine has a 2.8-inch screen, 1.75mm filament diameter, multiple data input file formats like JPG, STL and OBJ etc.

Ultimately, the Anet ET4 3D printer is best to use at home, office or for commercial purpose. It adopts filament detection, auto-levelling, resume printing, and offline printing as well.

Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer Features and Specifications

Design and Build

Physically, the Anet ET4 machine adopts a full metal and study body in the Black and Red color combination. Further, it is a modular machine to create quality-rich models with 0.4mm standard nozzle diameter and aluminum hotbed and tempered glass material.

Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer

The overall machine size is 440x420x480mm, whereas the weight is around 7.2kg.

Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer Display and Chipset

The front side of the Anet ET4 installs a 2.8-inch LED screen to present real-time data and is used for inputs. Similarly, the machine has an industrial-grade chipset, which ensures accurate and speedy printing processes.

Automatic Bed Levelling

Furthermore, the Anet ET4 3D printer provides an automatic bed-levelling facility to save you the time and labor. Hence, the work will be quick and result-oriented.

Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer

Filament Detection

Once the filament is about to end, the Anet ET4 detects it intelligently and a send reminder to prevent air printing. Now, you can change the pattern and resume the work quickly.

Fast and Easy Assembling

It takes only 10 minutes to assemble the Anet ET4 printing machine. The modular design offers quick assembling of the parts without depth knowledge.

Offline and Online Printing

As the Anet ET4 3D printer accepts an external memory card, so you can upload your design to print it online or offline as well. Rollers on X and Y axis work noise-free and provides accurate prints.

Personal Configurations

On the Anet ET4 machine, users can adjust personal tune settings like print speed, heated bed, nozzle temperature, and fan speed etc.

Wide Application

Using Anet ET4 printer, you can frame a wide range of model designs like architectural design, Anime Garagekit, education, industrial components, jewelry design and dental care etc.

Anet ET4 DIY 3D Printer Price

The price of the Anet ET4 3D Printer is $332.79 on the Banggood store. Click to buy now:

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