Dunhome 8W LED Ultraviolet Light Anion Sterilizing Box

Dunhome Sterilization Disinfection Box Offered At $45.99 [Coupon]

In the announced names of super bacteria, WHO has pointed out that, there is an amount of the bacteria in our daily life that threats human health. Xiaomi Dunhome Sterilization Disinfection Box is a multifunctional disinfection box specializes in the disinfection problems of household product. Currently, you can buy this product at a discounted price after applying our coupon.

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LED UV light inside the box kills a variety of bacteria, dispels the unpleasant smell by anion. Moreover, it provides protection by constant temperature and triple disinfection model. The whole family can relax for the daily life.

Dunhome 8W LED Ultraviolet Light Anion Sterilizing Box

About the sterilization box

UVLight sterilization uses the light with the appropriate wavelength to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of microorganisms. It causes growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death, in order to reach the effect of maximal sterilization.

Dunhome 8W LED Ultraviolet Light Anion Sterilizing Box

This Dunhome disinfection box mainly aims on Escherichia coli, Stephylococcus aureus, etc. These are all over in our daily life and the most common bacterial species in nature. You can find them in air, water, dust and human and animal waste. So, these bacteria are important murderers of epidemic diseases. Furthermore, the infections that they cause are firmly in the top three.

The Xiaomi Dunhome Sterilization Disinfection Box performs 99.9% sterilization with UV radiation, killing bacteria and viruses. In addition, it emits negative ions that eliminate odors and heat the air to 40-45°C for drying. Because of its relatively large size, larger objects can fit in it.


In terms of design, it has a double end zipper. That gives your box a beautiful appearance and durability as well. In addition, the box uses a magnetic switch. So, it is easy to use. Also, it features a telescopic handle to carry. It is one more thing that makes your life easier.

Dunhome 8W LED Ultraviolet Light Anion Sterilizing Box

It performs sterilization and disinfection with UV radiation (270nm-280nm) with an efficiency of 99.9%, which takes only 5 minutes. Basically, anything that can withstand 45 ° C can be sterilized with it. The tableware, mobile glasses, makeup tools ad other items are clean and warm after disinfection, giving you a touchable safety.

In the meantime, it also releases some heat to dry what is inside it and emits negative ions that eliminate unpleasant odors. Clothes can be put into it. Powered by USB, there is no obstacle to using it anywhere. DUNHOME uses a concentration with 5 million negative ion emitters. In short, the negative ion is known as ‘’air vitamins’’. They can purify clothing odor, tableware musty, smelly of the feeding-bottle, etc. It provides better deodorization and sterilization. And what’s the most important it provides fresh air for you and your family.

Dunhome Sterilization Disinfection Box Key Features

  • Negative ion smell purification to fresh air odors, clothing, and furniture smell.
  • Constant heating temperature 40-45℃, high sterilization degree
  • 360 degree UV sterilization, creative UVCLED technology, and UVCLED light bead 7mW-10mW.
  • 600g lightweight body, easily put into the suitcase, so, it is good for traveling and home use.
  • Exquisite and practical details, including  magnetic switch, USB ports, negative ion producer.

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