i100 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphone is now available for just $19.99

Earphones are integral accessories for smartphones. We all need them to enjoy music, movies etc. without disturbing others. Enormous producers are in the industry claiming to be the best at all. Accordingly, we will go through a short review of the i100 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones as our next deal.

The wireless headphones are the demand of today. Music lovers keen to buy wire-free sets to get rid of the wiring complexions. Here the Earphones comes with wireless design and long-lasting battery set up.

100 tws

Further, the headphones support touch control, 32 ohms impedance, lightweight, and sweat-proof features. The charging bag is a 320 mAh battery including binaural pods of 35 mAh capacity each.

Overall, the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are suitable to wear in sports activities with touch control and intelligent noise reduction policy.

I100 tws Features and Specifications

Colour and Design

At prima facia, the headphone is the White-coloured set with wireless and lightweight design. The small size is convenient to keep in the pocket that brings only 35g of weight.

The ABS material is gorgeous at the touch and provides a hands-free approach along with multi-device compatibility. Besides, the i100 TWS Earphones measure at 0.50 x 1.70 x 4.20 cm.


The company enables the headphones to connect with a wide range of devices through a Bluetooth platform. The i100 TWS includes a Bluetooth 5.0 version to connect the devices from the distance of 10m. Furthermore, it has a response frequency of 2.4-2.48 GHz.

i100 tws

I100 tws Battery

Well, the Bluetooth Wireless Earphones have good arrangements for power supply. The charging case includes a 320 mAh battery to charge each headphone of 35 mAh.

Further, it takes 60 minutes to get on a full charge and then provides 2 hours of music and 2 hours of talk time. The standby time is 100 hours.


The i100 TWS Bluetooth Earphones are compatible with various Bluetooth devices. You can connect it with smartphones, laptops, iPods, iPhones, tablets or any other Bluetooth equipment.

i100 tws

Additional Features

Also, the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones assists phone call answering, music, song switch, no movement, wireless charging facility, touch control, -38 dB sensitivity, intelligent internal control system, displaying power icon on the phone status bar, and some others.

I100 tws Price

The cost of the Bluetooth Wireless Headphone is $19.99 after a 15% discount on the Gearbest online store. Click to buy now:

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