SAMEBIKE NE01 electric bike now available for just $699

SAMEBIKE mainly deals with electric bikes. Now SAMEBIKE designed new Samebike NE01 bike with latest technology.

Feature and Specification of Samebike NE01:

This bike comes with IP54 waterproof resistant which protect your bike body from damage. The operating temperature of the bike is 10~45 degree. The maximum speed is 25 km/h and riding speed of the bike is 20 km/h. The NE01 bike is 1.08KW/h/100km electricity consumption per 100 kilometers. You can ride on the hills with this bike. It has 25 degree maximum climbing angle.

Samebike NE01

SameBike NE01 Design-

The body of the bike is made from magnesium alloy which will give it greater durability. The SAMEBIKE NE01 is capable to folding which is easily adjusts in car trunk. The body weight of the SAMEBIKE NE01 is 20kg. On this bike you can load 120kg weight. Pedal distance from the ground is 100mm and wheel size of the bike is 16 inches. This also has a Shimano gearbox and disc brakes on both wheels, which will allow us to stop with an optimal braking distance. It has pedal, also you can use pedal when you want. Pedal system makes fit your body. The handle and seat is also adjustable according to the person height. This design SAMEBIKE NE01 is best for all groups.  


Display shows the remaining battery capacity. Also shows the connectivity sign, speed of the bike, LED light sign etc.


The battery of the SAMEBIKE NE01 is comes with 18650 lithium Ion Battery. The capacity of the battery is 6AH. The battery rated voltage is 36V. With this battery capacity you can travel long time. The charging time of the battery is 4 hours.

Samebike NE01 LED light-

The LED light is play important role of the SAMEBIKE NE01. The light is present on the front side of the bike which is essential to avoid accidents in the dark. With the lights you can travel at night easily and you don’t need to carry a charging battery.


This electric bike has USB port for connecting with the smart phone. With the USB wire you can charge your smartphone from bike.


Motor of the bike NE01 is generates with the battery power. The rated motor speed is 355r/min and motor rated voltage is 36V. Its powerful 250W Brushless motor guarantees give you excellent performance, regardless of the terrain on which you move. The Input voltage of the motor is AC220V.

Samebike NE01 Price:

Now you can buy the bike at the best price of $699 from Gearbest.

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