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Xiaomi And Xiaomi-Related Products At Discounted Prices

We have collected a lot of Xiaomi deals. Check out them below.

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WEMAX Laser Cinema Projector

The WEMAX laser cinema projector comes with 1920 x 1080 4K full HD resolution. It uses an auto mode, which helps to save power and protect your eyes. Besides, it sports 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16GB eMMC Flash ROM. On top of all that, it supports Chinese and English languages, Android 6.0 or above, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.


What’s more impressive is that it has a remote control including voice and Bluetooth control. Hence, you can give voice commands to regulate the projector. 

Coupon code: BGWM80
Price without coupon: $3,747.99
Coupon price: $1,689.99

Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Blackboard

The Xiaomi MIJIA LCD blackboard is a perfect Christmas gift for not only kids. Being made of ABS material, this product will serve you longer than you can expect. The item weighs 0.7kg including a button battery and has 438 x 346mm sizes.

The blackboard supports a clear and eye-catching display and provides a real writing experience of traditional paper. The LCD screen is an energy-saving one: it only consumes when the screen is cleared. According to calculations, the button batteries will last up to 365 days, if you clear the screen 100 times a day. What’s even more impressive is that the blackboard uses a lock screen key, which prevents content from being deleted by mistake.

Coupon code: BGMIO221
Price without coupon: $54.99
Coupon price: $48.99

Xiaomi Redmi Book 14

The Xiaomi Redmi Book 14 comes in silver color and supports aluminum alloy material. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a 14 inch IPS screen. Moreover, it sports an octa-core eight-thread CPU with a 1-3.6GHz frequency and 10nm process technology. Speaking about the storage of the laptop, it supports 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD hard disk memory. This product weighs only 1.3kg and has 36.72 x 23.29 x 1.75 sizes.   

Coupon code: BGXM14G23
Price without coupon: $1,751.99
Coupon price: $809.99


Xiaomi Redmi Book Laptop Pro   

Like the Redmi Book 14, the Xiaomi Redmi Book laptop Pro also has aluminum alloy material and silver color. Besides, the screen size is also the same (14 inches). The differences include the RAM (8GB), process technology (14nm), etc. Due to the large battery capacity (46W/h lithium-ion polymer battery), you can enjoy the 10hours of video playing time.

Coupon code: BGXM14G23
Price without coupon: $1,751.99
Coupon price: $809.99

Xiaomi Baseus Air Humidifier 

Having aluminum material, the Xiaomi Baseus air humidifier is one of the most durable products of Xiaomi. It sports a 300ml water tank capacity, which is enough to humidify the air in your car. Furthermore, it has 2 modes: intermittent humidification (without air conditioning) and continuous humidification (with air conditioning). It comes in dark grey and black colors and weighs only 340g. 

Coupon code: BGBSCRJSQ01
Price without coupon: $31.61
Coupon price: $19.99

VIOMI Internet Baseboard Electric Heater Pro 

The VIOMI Electric Heater Pro has strong ABS material. It is ready not only to heat your whole house but also to dry the clothes. The installation is simple since it has compact sizes (2.8kg weight and 127 x 14 x 26sm dimensions). Moreover, it supports remote control via Xiaomi AI speaker and Mijia App. 

Coupon code: BGVIMPRO12
Price without coupon: $165.99
Coupon price: $135.99

Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Foldable Umbrella

The Xiaomi Mijia automatic foldable umbrella will protect you from the unfriendly weather. It has 100% polyester fabric and aluminum alloy and GL ribs. The level of the umbrella cloth’s waterproof performance is up to 5. Hence, you can move away the rainwater easily after heavy rain. Besides, it will effectively block the harmful ultraviolet rays and achieve UV protection with a high degree of shading and heat insulation. 

Coupon code: BGXPDE2905
Price without coupon: $64.70
Coupon price: $24.99

HIPEE Smart Posture Collector

The HIPEE smart collector will help you to overcome cervical pain. Many of us can have it while working or studying. This incredible smart product will fix the harm. It will serve both adults and children. Hence, it has children models (for 26-33cm neck circumferences) and adult models (for 34-43 neck circumferences). It is worth mentioning that it is comfortable enough to use during work, exercises, etc.     

Coupon code: BGDG480153
Price without coupon: $56.99
Coupon price: $18.89

Jordan & Judy Toothbrush Holder 

 Xiaomi cooperation brand Jordan & Judy presents a perfect toothbrush holder for users. This product has a high-quality ABS material, magnetic design, and compact sizes. What’s even more surprising is that this item also has a place for your smartphone. The holder includes a toothpaste squeezer and a place for toothbrushes with sanitization, which will keep your toothbrushes clean. Besides, the installation is easy, and it will take a few minutes to get it ready. 

Coupon code: BGXPDE2904
Price without coupon: $23.99
Coupon price: $15.29

VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

The VIOMI V2 Pro vacuum cleaner finds out the fastest way to clean your room. This cleaner sports a 5500ml dust box capacity and 550ml water tank. Besides, it uses a 3200 mAh Li-on battery and self-charging function. Hence, it is suitable for even big houses. 

There are 3 cleaning modes for this device: sweeping & mopping mode, single sweeping mode, and single mopping mode. Thus, due to the remote control and scheduling function, you will have fun when using the VIOMI V2 Pro vacuum cleaner.

Coupon code: BGCZVMCV2P
Price without coupon: $499.99
Coupon price: $369.99

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