Xiaomi Geometry Fish Tank Aquaponics Ecosystem Offered for $139.99: A Fish Tank Transparent Aquarium

The company Xiaomi through its partner brands and sells products through its e-commerce platform  YouPin Store. One of such products is a non-traditional aquarium for a technology company. This will please especially amateur aquarists, who will appreciate the design set at a bargain price with a coupon.

Enjoy design or simple filtration

Xiaomi has not disappointed again and the smaller aquarium (382 x 229 x 166 mm) in a cylindrical shape brings in a white color with a traditional, minimalist design. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the aquarium with multiple filtration with the possibility of filtering harmful and preserving beneficial bacteria.

There’s literally one-button filtration and a truly easy water change. However, thanks to a sophisticated filter system, this will not be necessary too often.

The design line of the aquarium makes it possible to place a live plant on top of the aquarium, which can be of benefit to the aquarium itself. The oxygen supply is also provided by one rotary control. Power supply (5V) is solved via USB port and the LED light source (up to 5 color scenes available) can be used for example a stronger power bank

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