YEELIGHT YLMB05YL Smart LED now available for just $36.99

YEELIGHT is a China based producer for smart lighting. This is a part of XIAOMI. Under its own brand combined with XIAOMI and the company released over ten smart lighting products with millions of connected lighting products shipping to the world. Now company launches YEELIGHT YLMB05YL Smart LED.

Feature & Specification of YEELIGHT YLMB05YL Smart LED:

YEELIGHT YLMB05YL comes in more than 160 lamp beads which makes clean kitchen with light and gives bathroom experience. The bottom part of the line makes easy to fix and the light is only needs to connect the zero line. The fire line and the ground line saving your time and efforts. In the kitchen this light gives more beautiful look to the food. YEELIGHT has voice control and voice assistant which is best for searching on Google and Amazon control.



This comes in square shape structure which gives attractive look to the house. Mainly this design of light is used for ceiling. This LED design is also best to kill mosquitoes and other insects or Keeps far away from the light. Smart LED has best feature to control the light with your smart phone through the LED APP. Also this design keeps save the light from dust particles. The design of the YEELIGHT YLMB05YL smart LED is very stylish which attracts to everyone.

Adjustable brightness-

YEELIGHT smart LED contains various bright lights which is best for decoration of your house. The color rendering index of the light is Ra90 which filled more color in your life. You can adjust the brightness of the LED light according to your need. Brightness of the light provides soft night light which is suitable for sleeping. Also you can preset warm and cold light according to the environment.


Moonlight mode-

At night YEELIGHT YLMB05YL gives you moonlight mode. You can start moonlight mode with one button and bring Moonlight home. This mode has bright light which is best for your child. During sleep you can switch ON the moonlight mode. This mode not glaring this is soft light mode which is very comfortable. This mode makes your family night perfect and beautiful.


This light contains 12W power and AC 220 voltage. This power is sufficient for adjusting the light in every mode. Smart LED contains 1800lm luminous flux. The color temperature or wavelength of the light is 5700k.

You can buy YEELIGHT YLMB05YL Smart LED from online websites.

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