Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic 60W 2600mAh Fascia Massager

Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Available At $99.90 [Coupon]

Yunmai launched the Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic last year. And now you can buy it at a discounted price after applying the coupon.

Coupon code: BGYMM8
Price without coupon: $245.22
Coupon price: $99.90

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic 60W 2600mAh Fascia Massager

What does the fascia mean?

Yunmai explained that the fascia is soft tissue that surrounds muscles, tandem bones and internal organs. Strenuous exercise or poor posture can cause massage and muscle rupture, resulting in adhesion nodules and “delayed muscle soreness.” It is also the cause of muscle stiffness and pain and heavy weakness of the limbs after exercise.

The Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic through strong and high-frequency vibration stimulation, can go deep into the texture, penetrate the deep massage, quickly disintegrate the lactic acid produced after exercise, relax the stiff muscle tissue, and comb the muscle nodules. Prevent muscle adhesion at the same time, thoroughly release soreness, relieve fatigue discomfort.

The Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic features a 60W high-power brushless motor. It brings the strong torque of please go up to a high-rise building, the strong torque of the 106mN.m, so that the massage gun has a surging power source, with a high-speed impact of 3200 revolutions per minute.

In addition, Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic also carries a 2600mAh battery. In short it can massage 10 minutes a day, one mode can be used continuously for 80 days.

3 levels of scientific vibration mode to offer you safe massage experience

Yunmai strict evidence-based sports medicine, according to the body muscle, bone force theory, 3 levels of scientific vibration mode, strength and vibration frequency have been studied through a large number of experiments to ensure that it is safe and effective to use in the human body

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic 60W 2600mAh Fascia Massager

The massage gun also includes intelligent timing protection device, which will stop automatically after continuous use for 10 minutes. There is no need to worry that using it for too long will damage muscles and bones, ensure human safety, and give scientific and intimate protection.

WHISPER noise reduction

Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic uses self-developed WHISPER noise reduction technology, when it runs, the noise is only 45dB, like a whisper in the ear.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic 60W 2600mAh Fascia Massager

All this is due to the structure and appearance of our new design. The original double bearing transmission structure carries a large motor with smaller volume and longer life. Moreover, it compresses the size of the vestibule and middle wing of the massage gun, and makes a special “honeycomb” process inside to ensure strong power at the same time. The noise of the motor is greatly reduced.

4 kinds of massage heads

In order to provide you with a more comfortable massage experience 4 massage heads were optimized. The use of soft skin-friendly food-grade silica gel, combined with the unique honeycomb structure inside the massage head, can better cushion and protect muscles and reduce bone damage.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic 60W 2600mAh Fascia Massager

It has attached a detailed and clear manual in the packaging to provide professional relaxation teaching to facilitate you to master the correct operation, you can take more careful care of each part of the body muscles, to avoid the use of mistakes caused by physical damage.

In addition, each massage gun sports a special storage box to facilitate the travel of massage guns. You can take your massage gun home, or you can take it to the gym, office, outdoors, etc.

Compared to other massage guns on the market, the massage gun offers more safe and scientific massage solution for our body. Moreover, it’s not very expensive, so it is a good massage product worth buying.

Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Key Features

  • Strong power-up to 3200 rpm strong impact
  • Relax-reach 12mm deep muscles
  • Long lasting-80 days long-lasting battery life
  • Quiet-45dB low noise and mute
  • Good-looking-surface engineering design

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Where to buy

We find the offer compilation about Yunmai Massage Gun Pro on Gizcoupon, the best price is $99.90. [Coupon Code: BGYMM8] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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