Solved: Xiaomi Phone’s Battery No Longer Lasts After A Single Time Charging

Why is my Xiaomi phone’s battery dying so fast? Probably, this is a question that you have frequently asked yourself. Though there could be several reasons to cause this issue, the main ones are more related to your “phone carrying and charging habits” than anything else. To clarify, how you utilize your device, how you charge it, and which/how many apps you have are the factors that cause your Xiaomi phone’s battery damage. So, it turns out that the main reason that your phone’s battery does not last is your attitude towards your phone. 

Most of the Xiaomi phones nowadays do not come with a removable battery. So, you might have to give your phone to a service center to replace it in case of battery damage. However, we can suggest some tips to help you take care of your battery. 

Reboot the device and charge again

Sometimes, we simply underestimate the meaning of rebooting. Though, it can prove an effective solution to various software and app-related issues. Rebooting clears open apps and also refreshes the phone system. All this eventually helps to increase the battery life of the Xiaomi phone. Just restart your device, and then recharge it fully. 

Xiaomi phone battery

Adjust display settings

Here are some display tips worth trying to improve your battery’s performance:

  • Keep the screen brightness at a lower level. Don’t set the Auto-brightness ON. Instead, keep it manually at a lower level unless you need it higher. 
  • Modern phones with AMOLED displays allow a Dark Mode in certain apps and even at the system level. You should try this to save a certain amount of power. 
  • Reduce the Sleep timeout. This will ensure your screen doesn’t stay live/on unnecessarily. The shortest duration you can opt for is 15 seconds- which seems fine.

GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

You must have noticed that having GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth could make your phone battery die so fast. To improve this, consider disabling these features unless they are really necessary. 

It’s also important to check if any app is using location services unnecessarily. You can check this through Settings > Apps & notifications > App permissions > Location. After the steps, just disable the features you do not need at this moment.

Enable a Power-Saving mode 

A power-saving mode disables all non-essential services and features in your device and thus helps you save battery. The screen may not look as bright as you’re used to, but this helps battery charging to run longer. To enable this mode, navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver.

Use original charger

Although most of the Xiaomi phones come with a universal charging interface, charging your phone with an original charger is preferable. This is because a non-original charger hampers battery performance, but it also strains the capacity to hold charging. So, always use the charger that comes with the phone. If it’s damaged, buy it from the brand’s authorized service center.

Update Apps and Software System 

Having the apps and software up to date helps to improve your device’s performance. Check for the system update through Settings > About Phone > System Update. If any update is available, download and install it. Similarly, see if any of the apps on your device needs to be updated.

Use a dark wallpaper

If you have an AMOLED display, using black wallpaper is the most power-efficient because the display doesn’t have to activate those pixels. The difference isn’t huge, but every bit of help is welcomed.

Weather changes

Lower temperatures affect battery life significantly. The lithium-ion batteries stop discharging electricity in the extreme cold. In addition, cold weather can permanently damage a battery. A good solution is to keep the phone close to you, so that body temperature keeps it toasty.

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How old is your smartphone? 

Smartphone batteries start to lose performance with time (as well as constant heat).  In fact, age is one of the primary reasons your battery life gets shorter as your phone gets older.  Batteries use chemical reactions to store and process energy, and no chemical reaction is infinite. Moreover, batteries lose capacity even if you don’t use them. Here we can suggest two solutions – buy a new phone, or replace the battery.

Replace a battery

If the above-mentioned tips no longer help you improve the performance of your Xiaomi phone’s battery, then, unfortunately, it is time to simply replace it. To confirm it, check battery health status when your phone is on charging. Click Settings > About Phone > Battery Status. If the status shows “poor” or any message other than “Charging”, you should take your device to an authorized service center and get a branded, original battery. 


  • Avoid charging the battery to a full 100% or drain it completely to 0%. As per battery experts, this adds to the aging process of a lithium-ion smartphone battery. 
  • Don’t put your phone charging overnight. It’s harmful to battery health in the long run. 
  • Avoid using cheap, counterfeit chargers. They prove fatal to both your device and battery. 
  • Keep your battery charging between 20-80% 
  • Refrain from using your phone (watching videos or playing games) when it’s plugged in charging. This can cause your phone to overheat. 
  • As mentioned above, use only an original charger. 
  • Avoid putting your phone in a hot environment or under direct sunlight. 

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