Why My Xiaomi Smartphone Charges Slowly

These days, it is no big deal if your phone starts to develop various problems or faults, even if it is hardly one or a couple of years old. There is no doubt, technology has upgraded at an enormous rate, but so is our usage. You can remember a time when it didn’t take all night to charge your phone. Back in those golden days, your Xiaomi’s battery meter went from a pixel-wide strip of red to a fat green bar in a quarter of an hour. Nowadays, however, your poor phone takes an age to recharge. You’re constantly scrambling from one charge session to the next. Or maybe your phone has always been a snail-paced charger, constantly left in the dust by your friends’ devices. Whatever your experience, it’s time to finally put your smartphone under a diagnostic microscope and get to the root of its slow-charging issue.

Today, we will majorly focus on the reasons that cause your phone charging to be slow. Well, there might be a variety of reasons behind this problem. However, for every problem, there is a solution too. If your phone is suffering from one of these ailments, we are going to show you how to fix it if possible.

Dirty USB port

Although it may sound simple, in most cases slow charging problems are usually caused by a piece of paper or a speck of dust that obstructs the pins of the USB port. Taking into account the nature of this connector, it is normal that after repeated use dirt accumulates inside. A dirty USB port is usually the main cause of slow or intermittent charging. To solve this charging problem, clean the USB port of your Xiaomi device. It is recommended to blow lightly inside the port itself. In addition, we can use a small toothpick, if possible to be made of wood, in order to extract and remove any dust or dirt particles.

Check the condition of the charger and use quality chargers

If after cleaning the microUSB or USB C port of your Xiaomi handset the charge is still slow or intermittent, the next step is to check the status of the charger and the cable. It is advisable to regularly check the condition of the cable – there should be no cut or that it is bent or threshed in some area.

Bent charging cable

Pluck them into another device and test if it does a satisfying job. If not, then congrats. Here’s the culprit of your problem. However, if your cable seems to work all right, the next thing to check for is the power adaptor.

If we lose our original charger, theirs is that we buy another of the same type or resort to a recognized brand.

USB port is obstructed

Your phone spends all day rattling around in your pocket or purse with all manner of lint, dust, and particles. It’s pretty common for a USB port to get a little bit of that trash lodged inside of it. If you plugged in your charger without noticing, it may have packed the obstruction in even deeper, which might be preventing your charger from making a good connection.

Using a bright light and perhaps magnification, look around inside your phone’s USB port for anything that shouldn’t be in there. If you see something that obviously doesn’t belong, grab a thin, pointed object and carefully try to remove it. Be very careful not to damage any of the port’s components, or you could end up with a bigger problem than you currently have.

We recommend using a plastic (not wooden) toothpick if you can find one. Alternatively, giving your port a good scrub with a dry, brand new toothbrush is a very effective and safe way to make sure it’s free of any blockage.

You have a bad battery

There have been many instances of manufacturers issuing recalls for whole batches of batteries. Search online to see if your phone’s model came with a bad battery, and see if you can acquire a replacement from your provider. Also, like your phone in general, batteries just get old and bad.


Unfortunately, most modern smartphones no longer offer user-replaceable batteries. This means that if the cells start to die in your device, you’re either going to have to crack open the handset or you’re going to have to send it to a shop or the OEM to replace the battery.

Background apps are sapping your battery

Although your screen is the number one battery sucker, you might have some sneaky apps running in the background. That are constantly draining power, causing your phone to charge slower. In addition to charging sluggishly, does your phone also feel like it runs through its battery life faster than it used to? If so, this may be your issue. Sometimes, these apps might have a high battery usage as you use them too often, while some apps are just meant to steal them. You might use them rarely, but still, they consume a lot more power than others.


The easiest solution here is to grab a good task manager and check it frequently to see what’s running when it shouldn’t be. When you locate a misbehaving app, try uninstalling it and see if your battery life and charge speed is improve over the next few days.

Your phone may be old

It can be a touchy subject, but it might be time to upgrade your device. Modern smartphones have processors that support more rapid charging, and some devices have turbocharging capabilities. If your phone feels like it’s charging slower compared to people who have newer devices, this might be your issue.

However, even if you’ve got a solid phone that you know used to charge faster. The sad reality is that things fall apart. The center doesn’t hold. Hardware decays. The falcon cannot hear the falconer, and phones are not immune to the inexorable pull of entropy dragging everything to the ultimate heat death of the universe. Basically, considering buying a new phone.

These are some of the most basic and common reasons why your phone charging so slow. Always start with checking your charging accessories first before you move on with the other steps. And one more thing to remember is always to be gentle while plugging your phone into a USB to avoid unnecessary damage. Well then, that was all for today. And do let us know which device you use and how is your experience with its battery life?

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