How to Import And Export Contacts on Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi phones are quite popular in many markets. There is no doubt that Xiaomi makes excellent phones with cost-effective pricing. The feature that we like the most is its integrated free Mi Cloud for storing images, videos, and more importantly contacts. So If you own a Xiaomi phone and it holds your important contacts, the MIUI  lets you import/export them quickly. MIUI has plenty of stuff to explore and customize your Mi and Redmi smartphones.

However, since you are on Android, we recommend using Google Contacts for storing your valuable contacts. It will help you to access the same connections, even if you move to another phone from a different brand.

Have you recently moved to a new Xiaomi phone or want to transfer contacts to a new device from your existing Xiaomi phone? This tutorial will guide you though for importing and exporting contacts from your Xiaomi phone.

Method 1 (Offline)

Unlike other phones that offer the same options in the Contacts app, you have to get into the Settings.

Go to Settings >> System apps >> Contacts >> Import/Export contacts.

This is where you can find the contacts import/export options.

How to Import Contacts

To import contacts, you can easily pick the file from the storage or SIM by selecting the preferred option in the Import menu. If it’s saved on the storage, tap the Import from storage and select the required file. You will be given a list of vcard files after scanning the storage. Your contacts will shortly import on your device.

How to Export Contacts

To export the contacts saved on the device, tap the Export to storage. Your contacts will be saved to the internal storage with a file name 00001.vcf. If there is already a file with the same name, the contacts backup will be saved with 00002.vcf.

Please note that MIUI will export all the contacts that appear in the Contacts app including any contacts synced from the Google account.export

Method 2 (Online)

As you know once you have enabled Mi Cloud, all your contacts go to your Mi Account online. You can confirm this using your Mi Cloud App on your phone. See below:

Once you have confirmed that you are indeed storing your phone contacts on the cloud, you can proceed with the steps below to export your contacts from Mi Cloud.

For India Users Login to

Password Reset Link:

Select Contacts and click on the “Export” button. See the screenshot below.


Download the exported contacts file and then proceed to import them in Google contacts as given below:

That’s it! Once the contacts are loaded on Google, you can also easily access your contacts on any Android or iOS phones. It makes it easy to manage and merge duplicates as well as for backups.

Method 3

Import contacts from SIM/storage

  1. From App Drawer, launch Contacts app.
  2. Long press the Menu button to get Import/Export setting.
  3. Tap on ‘Import/Export contacts’ from the list of various options.
  4. Here you need to choose from where the contacts should be imported. You will see three different options like storage, SIM 1, and SIM 2. Tap anyone of it according to your need.
  5. In the next screen, you need to select an account where these contact file is saved.
  6. From the list of various contacts, you need to manually select the contacts which are to be imported.
  7. That’s it! The following message “Contacts Imported from SIM Card” will appear on your device display.

You have successfully imported contacts to your Google/Mi account.

Export Contacts to SIM/Storage

  1. From App Drawer, launch Contacts app.
  2. Long press the Menu button and then tap on Import/Export setting.
  3. Select the contacts where you have to export.
  4. Enjoy!

Bonus: How to export contacts from Xiaomi to PC or Mac?

Launch the stock Contacts app on Xiaomi phone. Switch to the Contacts tab if you are at other tabs of the Contacts app.

Press or long press the Menu button of your Xiaomi phone, the one left to the Home button. On recent Android versions and MIUI versions, when you press the menu button it shows up the task management bar instead from which you can close all apps, quickly switch to recent opened apps, etc. After that you will get the contacts management menu as shown below.

From this screen you can find options to customize the way your contacts display on the phone, organize contacts, recover contacts, import contact, export contacts and so on. Choose Import/Export contacts, you will open another screen like below.


At the upper section of this screen, you can find options to import contacts from your SD card, import contacts from another phone. You can find the options to export contacts from Xiaomi phone to SD card or share contacts using a compatible app on the phone. Choose Export to storage, you will see a prompt message as shown from below screenshot.


Export contacts? Your contact list will be exported to file xxx with the file path. Touch the OK button to complete. After that you can find the contacts file saved as VCF file format using the stock Explorer app on Xiaomi phone. You can then transfer the VCF contacts file from Xiaomi to PC or Mac via Bluetooth, FTP, Emaill, etc. You can also connect up your phone to computer via USB and export the contacts from Xiaomi to computer through USB.

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