How To Quickly Backup Xiaomi Smartphone [5+ Methods]

Our phones carry so much information that we can’t afford to accidentally delete anything or damage it in any way. So, if you use a Xiaomi phone and you care about your data, you might be interested in learning to make a Xiaomi backup. Just like any other smartphone, Xiaomi devices also have a backup system. Your phone actually offers several ways to safely and securely backup your data to various destinations.

Whether you prefer online backups or local backups, you can make that all with your Xiaomi phone. Data backup comes in handy in our digitally-focused life since we can be saved from losing any data permanently. If you are a Xiaomi phone user, you might have a similar concern while taking a Xiaomi backup to your PC. Since Xiaomi phones are pretty easy to use, you can take your backup to a computer or even on the cloud. For this, you can directly backup Xiaomi to PC or use a dedicated application as well. This guide will let you know how to transfer files from Xiaomi to PC through four different stepwise methods.

Method 1: Use Mi Backup Solution via MobileTrans

You can use MobileTrans if you’re looking for a fast and reliable way to backup your data. With MobileTrans, you back up the entire device to your computer very quickly. What’s more, you can specifically select the data you wish to backup. It could be just the pictures, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, or even apps.

To perform this process:

  1. Install and launch the MobileTrans application on your pc and then connect your Xiaomi device to it.
  2. On the welcome screen of the MobileTrans app, select the “Backup” option, and proceed.
  3. At this point, the app detects the connected Xiaomi device and lets you choose what you wish to save.
  4. Select the data from the list and click on the “Start” button to begin.
  5. Once the backup process is complete, you’ll get a notification to remove your device safely.

Method 2: Backup Xiaomi Device via Mi Cloud

To help users maintain their data on their devices, Xiaomi provides a dedicated cloud service – Mi Cloud. Mi Cloud comes with free 5 GB of space where the users can perform device backup. Consider buying more space on your Mi Cloud account if you have a lot of data.

This feature helps you keep all your data safe on the cloud and is easily accessible. To backup Xiaomi device to its cloud storage, here is what to do:

  1. Go to settings > Mi account.
  2. Log in to an active Mi Cloud account.
  3. Then go to the Backup Device feature and turn on the Mi Cloud Backup feature.
  4. Schedule the backup timing from here and click on the “Back up Now” button.

For the backup process to be fast and completed successfully, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Method 3: Backup Xiaomi via Local Storage

Apart from backing up the data on a PC, Xiaomi allows you to back up your information on the device. You can transfer files to an SD card or even your computer. Local storage can be used to back up the entire phone.

However, this process may not be as easy as using dedicated apps that we have been talking about above. But it still works fine.

  1. Go to the Settings page of your device.
  2. Click Additional Settings then Backup & Restore
  3. In Backups, click on the “Local Backups” feature.
  4. Tap on the “Backup” button again and be patient as the device maintain its backup to the designated location. Check to be sure your device/SD has enough space beforehand.
  5. To check if the data is actually backed up, browse the Internal Storage in your File Manager. Click on MIUI > Backup > All Backup. Copy the backup file and move it to your PC, and you’ve completed the process.

Method 4: Transfer files from Xiaomi to PC with Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is another excellent application that can be used to backup data from the Xiaomi device. Apart from taking a backup of Mi phone to PC and restoring it afterward, you can also use it to manage your photos, videos, contacts, and other kinds of data as well. Mi PC Suite supports Xiaomi devices only; thus, you can’t use it to backup devices from other manufacturers. Below is how to use Mi PC to backup data.

  1. Firstly, just install and launch the Mi PC Suite on your computer and connect your Mi device to it. Once you connect it, grant your computer the access to extract data via the file transfer mode.
  2. The application will automatically detect your device and would display its snapshot. You can view its details and click on the “Backup” button to transfer files from Xiaomi to PC via USB. backup Xiaomi
  3. Whenever you wish to restore your data, just connect your device and launch Mi PC Suite again. This time, click on the “Recovery” button, select an existing backup, and restore it to the connected phone.

Method 5: Backup Xiaomi Using Tunesbro Android Manager

TunesBro is used for data backup and has other features like rooting, repair, transfer, recovery, and many more. This software has been tested on numerous Xiaomi devices and found to work just correctly. It’s easy to use with neatly organized sections. To use the app for data backup, you need to go to the TunesBro website and download a copy. Then install the app following the instructions provided.

  1. Launch the application and connect your Xiaomi device. It will automatically detect the device. Tap on the “Backup & Restore” button and proceed to the main menu.
  2. All the data types identified from the device will be displayed on your PC screen. Select the data you want to backup. Then click on “Backup.”
  3. You should receive a notification once the process is complete.

Bonus  Method: FonePaw Android Data Backup and Restore

FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore is designed for Android data backup, transfer or restore. It can quickly backup Xiaomi phone’s almost all types of data, such as contacts, images, video, messages, etc. to a small-sized backup file, from which you can restore the data back to the phone later. And it is safe because you’re able to encrypt the backups.

    1. Connect Your Xiaomi/Redmi to PC

    Install and launch FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore on PC. Then connect your Xiaomi/Redmi device to PC via USB cable. Remember to set up the USB debugging on the phone.

    Tip: you can enable USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer options or going to About phone > Software Information and tapping the Build Number 7 times.

    1. Backup Xiaomi Device

    Choose “Device Data Backup” on the home page to display all supported data. Tick the box in front of the data that you want to back up from your Xiaomi device. Then click “Start” button to continue.

    Select Data to Back up Oo just click “One-click Backup” to back up everything in the Xiaomi phone quickly.

    Tip: If the data in your Xiaomi device is so important or private that you don’t want anyone else to get access to it, FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore allows you to set a password to protect it with 100% safety. Just click “Encrypted Backup” to add a password and keep it in your mind.

    1. Backup Xiaomi Completed

    When the backup is completed, the FonePaw tool will show you how many items in the Xiaomi device have been backed up and how large the backup file is.

    1. Restore Data to Xiaomi Device

    It’s as easy to restore the data back to your Xiaomi phone. Just go back to the homepage, choose “Device Data Restore” or “One-click Restore”, and the steps are similar. At last, click “Restore to Device” to get the data back to your Xiaomi. You also can choose to restore to PC. In addition, you can always preview the detailed information in the backup files before restoring the data.


There you go! After going through the above guide, you should be able to perform backup like a pro. As we’ve seen, the easiest and fastest way to perform backup on the Xiaomi device is through an external tool. It makes things easy and straight forward. We hope you liked the article and it was helpful to you. If you have any suggestions, you can mention it in the comments down below.

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