Apple Is Changing the Way iOS 14 Is Developed Due to Too Many iOS 13 Bugs

Based on the user’s point of view reflects more than the previous system of Apple iOS 13 systems (especially the first few versions) of the bug and vulnerability.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is changing the way it develops internal versions of its operating systems to prevent historical replays. The iOS 14 system adopts this new approach. Bloomberg explains that so far, Apple engineers will “plug in” a large number of features into the daily version of the iOS version before being fully test. This means that using test equipment on these builds has become a nightmare because the system runs many different component branches at different levels of stability. Bloomberg explainsthat this makes it almost impossible for Apple to understand the actual state of its software.

On iOS 14, Apple’s plan is to disable all in-progress features of the OS build by default. However, it must enable using a special configuration menu. As a result, Apple’s management can keep a close eye on the progress of its new operating system version. This make the software more flexible, and features that are not yet ready can be removed more easily.

The new method will also applies to the development of iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. Apple hopes that iOS 14 is a feature-rich version, but Apple will postpone certain features to iOS 15 if need.

Bloomberg said Apple engineers realizes before iOS at the WWDC meeting that iOS 13 did not meet the eligibility criteria. The report also says that Apple engineers actually gave up the work of perfecting iOS 13.0, and concentrate on iOS 13.1.

By August, Apple realized that the original iOS 13.0 would not reach quality standards when it was release with the new iPhone in a few weeks. So Apple engineers have basically decides to abandon the work and focus on improving the first update of iOS 13.1. Apple privately believes that iOS 13.1 is a “real public release” version with a quality level that matches iOS 12. The company believes that only the hardcore Apple fans will install iOS 13.0 on their phones.

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