Based On Android 10, Xiaomi 9 Pushes MIUI 10 9.8.22 Development Version

According to enthusiastic users submitted, Xiaomi community learned that Xiaomi 9 pushed MIUI 10 9.8.22 development version, based on Android 10 operating system.

Xiaomi Mobile 9 released the MIUI development version based on Android 10, a number of optimizations and improvements, pay tribute to the brave early rice noodles! Some third-party applications are not yet suitable for Android 10 system. For details, please refer to the forum announcement. Please upgrade carefully. The following is a detailed update:


New: System-level screencasting that syncs the phone screen to the TV in real time. Click on the notification bar “Pan Screening” shortcut switch to achieve one-click screencasting

Added: System sharing entry added Xiaomi mutual transmission function


Added updates to Xiaomi


New input method supports full screen keyboard optimization; optimized print function experience

· Harassment interception

Fixed sporadic blacklist interception failure when switching between single and dual cards

·Little love classmates

Add a more convenient app operation, try to say “open and fight more and bargain”;

Optimize and optimize the experience of unlocking, Xiao love will never block the unlocking operation!

Optimize the new version of the small love shortcut 2.0, better and more efficient! The most critical information is on the card cover and can be viewed at any time.

· Xiaomi Cloud Service

Fix the device online, but finds the problem that the mobile display device is offline.

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