MIUI+ Added Two New Features Related To Mobile Screen Mirroring

Today, Xiaomi MIUI+ has launched two new functions, which can make the mobile phone have a better experience when casting the screen on the computer. MIUI+ is still a Beta version. Thus, its functions are limited. But it still can connect mobile phones and computers, view mobile notifications on the computer, copy and paste text, and use mobile apps on the computer.

The first new feature is to support customizing the size of the mirroring window of the mobile phone. It can be dragged and zoomed in any proportion using the mouse to meet the actual needs of different situations.

The second new feature is custom shortcut keys. When using the MIUI+ function on the computer, the user can use the computer shortcut keys to control the phone, such as “Alt + B” to return to the previous level, “Alt + H” to return to the desktop, “Alt + R” to switch to recent tasks, etc.

The latest version of Xiaomi MIUI+ is Beta So it’s reasonable to know this function is currently only supported by some mobile phones. And the best experience can be obtained on Xiaomi notebooks.

Well, we have been talking about the MIUI+ features. But maybe you are not aware of this feature. MIUI+ is a feature launched by Xiaomi in the MIUI 12.5 system update. It can project the screen of a smartphone to the computer. It also supports functions such as viewing mobile notifications on the computer side, two-way synchronization of the clipboard, and file drag/drop.

As GizChina reports, recently, the new MIUI+ Beta version got a number of optimizations. They include optimization of mirror loading time, bug fixes for login and connection modules, and optimization of 2K and 3K screen adaptations for mutual transmission pop-ups.

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