VIVO Will Provide Three Years Of System Updates To Its Flagship Phones

Today, the Chinese first-tier smartphone maker, VIVO issued a statement saying its X-series upcoming smartphones will get three years of Android OS upgrades and security updates. This statement refers to the phones launched after July 2021 and will be valid in Europe, Australia, and India.

“We are making a promise to our customers that they will be able to enjoy a premium smartphone experience for an extended period and continue to benefit from the latest software features,” Vivo’s CTO and senior vice president Yujian Shi said in a statement.

While you may see no surprising word in the statement, VIVO proves it has long-term goals and also joins the small group of Android manufacturers that offer three years of OS updates for their flagship smartphones. Say, one of the most popular members of the group is Google, which has a similar policy for its Pixel phones. In 2020, Samsung also joined the party. The OS policy covers some Galaxy devices. In the group, we can also find HMD, which got its “member card” in April with a promise of two years of Android OS updates and three years of security updates on its new X-series phones. Though LG has withdrawn from the smartphone market, it would offer three years of Android OS updates.

Previously, the flagship phones of many vendors were getting OS updates two years. Now, many of them has decided to extend the period to three years. And there is every reason to think that it will be expanded to four years soon.

Last December, Google and Qualcomm announced they were working to make it easier for manufacturers to offer as much as four generations of Android OS and security updates. In this sense, the Snapdragon 888 is the first product of this project.


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