XDA: Some OnePlus 7 Pro Now Supports Smart Bluetooth for Android 11 R

Android 11 R

XDA developer luca020400 found a feature called “Bluetooth-aware Flight Mode” in AOSP Gerrit. He said that it is expected to be launched in the next large version of Android 11 R. This feature allows the user not to turn off Bluetooth when Airplane mode is turned on when the Bluetooth A2DP device or hearing aid device is connected.

Android 11 R

Later today, XDA developer Mishaal Rahman twees that Android 11 R’s smart Bluetooth feature is now available on its OnePlus 7 Pro running the Oxygen OS system. He also said he did not know when the feature was officially added. This feature is currently only available in the OnePlus 7 Pro in the region where Mishaal Rahman is located. Which does not mean that it is also available in other regions.

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