Xiaomi App Store Checked 35,000 Apps And Removed Over 12,000

Yesterday, the Xiaomi App Store issued an announcement stating that from August 1 to August 15, the Xiaomi App Store carried out the second phase of self-examination to promote the privacy and compliance modification of problematic apps in the library.

As of August 15, the application self-examination and application disposal in the second batch of libraries are as follows:

  • Completed the second batch of 35,000 apps’ privacy checks, and found a total of 12,847 apps with privacy compliance risks.
  • The Mi App Store assisted in the modification of 1,630 risky apps, and 772 apps were put on the shelves through the modification. Combining actual problem scenarios and authoritative solution strategies, iteratively optimize the “App Compliance Guidelines for Common Privacy Issues”.
  • Removed 13,280 applications that have been not updated and maintained for a long time, and the developer information or the operating status of related companies was abnormal, and added privacy risk reminders in the application search link.

In addition, the Xiaomi App Store has launched a privacy inspection service that integrates self-inspection, modification, and re-testing. It will assist developers to find out whether there are hidden dangers of privacy compliance in their apps, and guide them to optimize and modify the problematic apps. This feature has been launched in grayscale on August 10th.

On August 16, the Mi App Store has launched the third batch of app self-checks, and it is expected to check 30,000 apps in the library.

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