New Patent of Xiaomi For Pop-Up Camera System Leaked

Xiaomi has designed a smartphone with a pop-up camera. You can use this pop-up camera for self-portraits or as a rear camera to take ordinary photos and videos. So, users can take more beautiful selfies because the front camera is usually not as good as the main camera.

Xiaomi camera

This technology requires fewer cameras, saving space and cost. The actual pop-up mechanism is quite wide and occupies most of the space above the screen. By using reflective components, you can also integrate the camera module separately from the printed circuit board, making it less vulnerable to damage and leaving more space for other necessary components.

Xiaomi applied for a patent called “Electronic Equipment and Hidden Camera” for this design. And the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) also approved it in January 2021.

The camera system

This technology requires the use of multiple camera modules and a reflective component such as a mirror. The camera module faces upwards, the reflective component is used to mirror the image to the imaging module. And after all, the imaging module attaches the image.

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You can also rotate the retractable reflective part using a rotating motor. Therefore, both selfies and ordinary photos can use this clever Xiaomi pop-up camera system.

In addition, by rotating the mirror, you can also take photos from a specific angle. People can use this technology for shooting and recording videos, as well as for face detection and phone unlocking. This camera can even replace many professional cameras.

However, so far, there is no certain information on whether and when Xiaomi will integrate this special pop-up camera system into one of its mobile phone models.


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